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  More Info on Steve Lynn:

One of my website visitors who knew Steve
was kind enough to share a few memories

March 2010

I noticed Steve Lynns CD on your website and I wanted to tell you a little of what I know about him, and to share some humorous stories.

I met Steve Lynn when I first moved to Albuquerque in 1994, in fact he was one of the first people here that I met, he was managing a gay bar that has long since closed and been torn down. I think he was about 42 when I met him. He was from Cortez, Colorado, a pretty small town I think.
He told me the story of his accidentally coming out. He had a crush on some cowboy, got drunk one night in his hometown bar and came on to him. He told me the cowboy told him he was not in to that, but told him don't worry he would not tell anyone. Steve said he was true to his word and did not tell anyone. Unfortunately another cowboy who was using the stall and overheard all, unbeknownst to Steve, told everyone town.

Another funny story Steve told me, is he was traveling by plane one time. He got off at his destination and headed for the baggage claim. He said he heard people laughing and saw people pointing at the luggage carousel, and people with children were covering their kids' eyes. He got to the carousel and there was his suitcase on it. It had sprung open and standing up right on top was a big rubber dildo he called "Luke the field hand." It was going round and round on the carousel. Said he just grabbed the suitcase closed it and took off running with it.
He was so mortified, I don't know why he was traveling with a toy but then that was just Steve.
I about died laughing, the man had a way of telling stories.

When I met him he was producing gay porn under the name of Spurs Video. I think he had produced under other names as well.

"Asphalt Cowboy," 1995, among the titles Steve Lynn produced

He started getting sick after he made his CD sometime in I think 1995. I think he was in denial for years about his HIV. Early In 1995 he came down with a bad case of shingles and the bar he worked at fired him, because they were ignorant and thought it was contagious. I stayed with him for a few days while he was sick even though I had just recently met him, because everyone else had abandoned him. He didn't have a job and could not afford his rent so he moved back to Cortez to live with his mother. He came back once or twice and visited in the summer and fall of 95 , and I never saw him again after that.

In 1996 or 1997 I heard that he had passed away. He was fun to be around and a really nice guy, would do about about anything for you. He had dreams of becoming the first openly gay country music star. Unfortunately that was not to be. I am glad to see a picture of his CD on your site, brought back a lot of memories, he would be happy to know he had atleast attained a little cyber fame. I think of him sometimes and I miss him. I did not know him for very long, but he definately made an impression on me. I shall never forget him. Thanks for posting him on your website and for letting meshare what I know about him.
Steve E.

Some additional web searching seems to indicate that Steve did country radio in Cortez, CO, on KRTZ, as he is mentioned on that station's website. The current station manager's listing of the "first voices" on the station includes "the late Steve Lynn."

Since this EP is so very rare, and because I would like to think that Steve Lynn would want his country music dream to be heard, I am posting downloadable mp3s for your enjoyment.

Don't Be So Quick to Judge Me (2:21)
I'm Still a Man (2:36)
It Don't Hurt to Flirt (2:29)
Quit Playing Hard to Get