Polly Perkins

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more on the UK soap star, 60s girl singer, and feminist

In October 1988, the magazine "This Will Never Happen Again"
featured a full page story on her, complete with the lesbian angle


Below, Polly's book, "Songs for the Liberated Woman." 1973
obviously, my copy is not pristine

below, from "Gay Times" (UK), October 1985

Below, pressing on Ronnex label (Belgium)

Polly Perkins Discography


Decca 11583 I Reckon You* / The Girls Are At It Again (1963) *with "Bill"
Oriole 1869 Sweet as Honey / I gotta tell you (1963)
Oriole 1929 Young Lover / You too can be a Beatle (1964)
Oriole 1979 Falling In Love Again / I Went by Our House Today (1964)
Morgan 5 Feel Good / House in the Country (as by Damon J Hardy & Polly Perkins) (1968)
Morgan Blue Town 2 Munching the Candy / Rachel's Dream ( as by Academy) 1969
Chapter One 183 Coochie Coo / The Bad Girl (1973)
Pye 7N 45666 The End of My Old Cigar (1977)  (Roy Hudd on flip side)



Academy - "Pop-Lore According to the Academy" (1969)
(reissued on CD in Japan, 2006)

Track listing:
Enrol With The Academy / Munching The Candy / Anya Anya /
Quiet And Gentle / Poor Jean / Polly Perkins Loves You Georgia Brown /
Rachel's Dream / Thank You Mary Hayley Bell / The Girl In His Mirror /
She Returned Home / Deadline / Yellow Star

above & below, eBay scans

Chapter One "Liberated Woman" (1973)

Track listing:
Choochie Coo / Let Him Go / Out into the Cold, Cold Snow /
A Cannibal Maid and her Hotentot Blade / The Persian Kitten /
Cindy / Someday, Maybe I'll Do the Same For You / Sweet Betsy /
Poor Lil / How Old Are You My Pretty Little Miss / Moonshiner / The Bad Girl

Greasepaint LP 3 "Polly" (1977)

Track listing:
Everybody Loves My Baby / Help Me Make It Through the Night /
Blueberry Hill / When I Fall in Love /
Jolson Medley: California Here I Come / April Showers / My Mammy /
Swanee / Bye Bye Blackbird / Rockabye Your Baby /
Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye /
Birth of the Blues / You'll Never Know / I'll Be Your Baby Tonight /
Until It's Time For You To Go / Every Day

"Coochy Coo" appears on "Queer Noises 1961-1978" Trikont CD, 2006
"You Too Can Be a Beatle" and "Falling In Love Again"
appear on "Dream Babes," RPM, UK, 2007

"Superdyke" recorded 1976, released only on privately sold cassettes in the late 70s


Above, on the set of BBC soap Eldorado

        and, not sure how long it will be online but Diva Magazine
had a great article on Polly in mid-2006