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December 2005
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Queer Xmas Music Special #2

Playlist    (airdate 12/26/05) internet show 76:02
Kinsey Sicks - Til the Season to Drink Stoli (2005)
Kinsey Sicks - I Had a Little Facial (2005)
El Vez - Dreydel Song (2002)
El Vez -I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday (2002) *
Dave Hall - Santa Claus Blues (2005)
Dave Hall - Christmas in Vermont (2005)
Cam Clarke - If These Walls (2005) *
Cam Clarke - Tennessee Christmas (2005)
Betty - Jingle Bells (1993)
Springfields - We Wish You a Merry Christmas (1961)
VonTanner - Santa Claus You're Fat (2004)
Mike Rickard - Home for the Holidays (2004)
Dora Bryan - If I Were A Fairy (1963)
No You Turn - A Christmas Song (1988) *
Gerard Joling - Lonely This Christmas (1997)
Indigo Girls - The River (1995)
Lisa Koch - You'll Never Melt My Heart (1995)
Shawn Thomas Interview Comments (2005)
Shawn Thomas - They Danced (2004)
Leah Zicari - Thursday in December (2003)
Ann Reed - Christmas Songs (2001)
Tom Grounds - What Are You Doing New Year's Eve      (2005) *
Cast of "Freeway Dreams"- Bette Davis Chorus (1997)
Jimmy James - Feliz Navidad (2002)

* = on internet shows only

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Kinseys in Concert

Kinsey Sicks CDs

Show #2

just two of El Vez' Christmas releases   Dave Hall's "Christmas" and "True"  Cam Clarke's "Homeward" and "Inside Out"

El Vez is sometimes called the Mexican Elvis, but his talent goes way beyond impersonation, as he rocks out in a number of albums, at least two of the Christmas related. And I'm pleased that after a hiatus Dave Hall is back giving us his wonderful music. His Christmas CD is from this year, and you can hear my interview with him on my April 2001 show. He's shown below left with another talented artist, Steve Cohen. I featured Cam Clarke on my January 2001 show, and got to meet him in 2002.

Dave Hall & Steve Cohen, 2000    JD Doyle & Cam Clarke, 2002    El Vez

Betty CDs   Cabaret Noel, 1993   Dora Bryan, 1963

The trio Betty came out with a Christmas CD last year, but I pulled their version of "Jingle Bells" from my favorite of the Broadway Cares Christmas albums, "Cabaret Noel," from 1993. In 1963 Dora Bryan released a novelty 45 in the UK called "All I Want for Christmas Is a Beatle," but I am more interested in the flip side, "If I Were A Fairy." And it's hard to believe that with all her releases Dusty Springfield did not release a Christmas album. Her musical contribution to the holidays was limited to the 6-song EP with her first group, The Springfields, and a benefit 45 of "O Holy Child."

Springfields EP   Dusty 45


VonTanner Xmas single  VonTanner

Above, the very prolific duo Vontanner with their Christmas CD single and behind it, their new release. Photos of them are elusive, but Chris Vontanner sent me this one. Below is Mike Rickard, as seen at the Outmusic Awards Nominee Showcase in Chicago last June. His CD "Stirred Not Shaken" was nominated for Outstanding Debut Male Recording.

  Mike Rickard  JD Doyle & Mike Rickard  Mike Rickard's "Stirred Not Shaken"

George Andujar

No You Turn - A Christmas Song

I want to thank an artist named Dave Montana for sending me this song, and the album art. In 1988 he was drummer for a technopop band called No You Turn. On their album "Puppet's Frustration" was a track called "A Christmas Song," with gay lead singer George Andujar (above). That CD is pictured at right, with Dave's CD "Such Things As Love And Pain" beneath it.


Dave Montana's music is evolving, and so is his name. While his last album, "Such Things As Love And Pain," was released under his name, he regrets being confused with the UK country singer Dave Montana, or, for that matter, the 70's porn star. So his future releases will be under the name Storybox.


    Gerard Joling  Gerard Joling 1997 album  Gerard Joling

The hunk above is openly gay Dutch singer Gerard Joling, whose been releasing albums for years. Below is Christian singer Shawn Thomas and three of his releases. And below Shawn is cabaret singer Tom Grounds who will release his second full-length early in 2006. A 4-song holiday EP came out in time for this Christmas.

   Shawn Thomas CDs  Shawn Thomas CD 

 Tom Grounds 2002 CD  Tom Grounds  


Indigo Girls' "1200 Curfews"   Lisa Koch CDs

A very nice version of the Joni Mitchell song "The River" appeared on the 1995 Indigo Girls live album "1200 Curfews," and the same year a fave of mine, Lisa Koch, gave us "You'll Never Melt My Heart," from her album with the classic title "You Make My Pants Pound." Hear an interview with Lisa in my Spotlight Artists Section. Below, Ann Reed and Leah Zicari are both prolific artists. I featured a mini-interview with Ann on my June 2002 QMH, and on my June 2001 show you can hear Leah talk about her gay anthem "Glory Glory." Also, Leah just told me that the song I featured on this show by her just placed second in the International Original Christmas Song Contest. Neat!

Ann Reed CDs  Ann Reed  Leah Zicari CDs

Below, I got to meet Ann at the 2001 Houston Women's Festival, and to meet Leah at the 2004 Outmusic Awards

Ann Reed & JD   Leah Zicari & JD

Freeway Dreams

       l-r:  Lee Lucas, Deborah Tranelli, Bryan Miller, Brenda Silas-Moore, Wayne Moore (photo by Peter Carter)

"Freeway Dreams" was billed as an "L.A. Musical," and was released in 1997. It was co-written by Michael Greer (known for the movies "The Gay Deceivers" and "Fortune in Men's Eyes) and Wayne Moore, on whose Ducy Lee label it was released. Also in the case was Lee Lucas, Brian Miller, Brenda Silas-Moore, and Deborah Tranelli. Their "Bette Davis Chorus" is, well, wonderful. Sadly, Michael Greer died of lung cancer on September 14, 2002, at age 64, and Lee Lucas died of AIDS at age 43 on August 31, 2004. Lucas gave us one wonderful cabaret album, "The Big Strappin' Fag Show," with biting sharp humor and good vocals.

       Lee Lucas, photo by Michael Childers

 many Jimmy James and, Jimmy James...

    Jimmy James as Bette Davis  

The remarkable Jimmy James, with two of her best albums shown above. I'm especially partial to her Christmas one, as her reading of Bette Davis doing "Feliz Navidad" has become a QMH tradition. But the 1999 album also has memorable renditions of songs as they might be done by Judy Garland, Eartha Kitt, Patsy Cline, Mae West, Billie Holiday, Barbra Streisand and Cher.


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