December 2006
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Show #3

#3 Playlist (Bonus - Internet Only, 93:42)
Gay Liberation Quire - Hark the Herald Fairies Shout (1981)
Pansy Division - Homo Christmas ('95)
Martin Swinger - Christmas Blues ('98)
Dennis Hensley - Doesn't Seem Like Christmas (1999)
Jai Rodriguez - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (2006)
Patricia Barber - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (2000)
Saffire - One Parent Christmas (1992)
Saffire - Really Been Good This Year (2003)
Kim Char Meredith - You Are My Holiday (2004)
Nadine Goellner - It Must Be Christmastime (2002)
Sean Wiggins - Baby Let's Make Up For Christmas (2003)
Erin McKeown - At the Christmas Ball (2002)
Dennis Milone - In the City/Silver Bells (2003)
David Mahr - It's Gonna Be a Snow White Christmas (2000)
Morel - Merry Christmas to Everyone
Morel - Santa Hugged Me (2004)

Jason & deMarco - Deck the Halls (2002)
deMarco - Don't Save It All (2003)
Namoli Brennet - Snow Angels (2006)
Positive Voices - Too Many Silent Nights (1995)
William Corey - Radio Christmas (2005)
Ennio - I Won't Be Home for Christmas (2006)
Gene-Manuel - Snowlight (2006)
Darren Stewart-Jones - Santa Baby (2006)
Capitol Steps - Don't Ask Don't Tell (1994)
Queen - Thank God, It's Christmas (84)

Ho Ho Ho

And here are three from my Top Ten Queer Xmas Song list: Pansy Division's classic "Homo Christmas," (from "Pile Up," 1995), Martin Swinger's "Christmas Blues," (appearing both on "Bear Naked," from 2000, and "Scrapbook," from 1998); and "It Doesn't Seem Like Christmas," from Dennis Hensley's 1999 CD "The Water's Fine."

Pansy Division

2 by Martin Swinger

Dennis Hensley

Patricia Barber

Jazz stylist Patricia Barber's xmas contribution
was "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town," and it
can only be had on a 2000 various artists CD.



Houston GLBT magazine OutSmart asked me to
write an article for their December issue, on my
own opinion on the Best Queer Holiday Songs &
Albums. Several are featured on these three
shows, but Click to see the whole article.


Gay Liberation Quire

Above, in 1983 the Gay Liberation Quire of Sydney, Australia, struck a blow for queer xmas songs of the future, with "Hark the Herald Fairies Shout," "Festival of Light," and "God Help You Merry Dykes and Poofs."

Jai Rodriguez

"A Winter's Wish", featuring Jai Rodriguez

Well, in 2003 I knew Jai Rodriguez as the star of the very queer musical "Zanna, Don't!" but then he quickly became much more famous as one of the Queer Eyes for the Straight Guy. His holiday song appears on the various artists benefit CD shown above.

2 VA discs featuring Saffire

I've got two xmas songs by those Uppity Blues Women, Saffire, and they both come from various artists compilations, from 1992 and 2003.

Two more seasonal songs that are only available as single are by Kim Char Meredith and Nadine Goellner. Kim's is from 2004 and is a free download from her site, and you can by Nadine's 2002 gem at Below them are Sean Wiggins and her 2003 album "I Gotta Be Me," which has an xmas bonus track. Erin McKeown updated Bessie Smith's "At the Christmas Ball" for the various artists CD "Wonderland," in 2002.

Kim Char Meredith   Goellner's Xmas CD single   Nadine Goellner

Sean Wiggins   "Wonderland", a VA CD including McKeown   Erin McKeown

Dennis Milone CDs  Dennis Milone  David Mahr CD

These guys must be camera shy, as these are the only decent photos I could find of Dennis Milone and David Mahr. And I had to go back to Mahr's 1997 CD, "No Drama," to even find that pic. Anyway, these days are becoming more and more the days of internet only songs. Dennis has not released a holiday album (and I'm really encouraging to do so, but I do thank him that he's made this track available), and David's song is another net only song file. I'm showing Dennis' two releases, "Digital Realms" in 2000 and "Propinquity" in 2003.

Richard Morel  Richard Morel    Jason & deMarco

I'm counting my blessings, last year Morel put together two xmas songs, and I wrote him about them and he send me "Santa Hugged Me" and several mixes of "Merry Christmas to Everyone." This year, they are barely even mentioned on his site. And the Jason & deMarco song comes from their 2004 album "The Spirit of Christmas," followed by an unrleased solo by deMarco, from 2003.

Namoli Brennet

Positive Voices

One of the more somber songs of these shows is by Positive Voices. They formed in Dallas in 1994, comprised solely of HIV positive singers, and released two excellent CDs, graced by the writing of their founder, Jackson Myars. One of his songs is "Too Many Silent Nights," from the 1995 CD "Windows of Hope." And at right, newcomer William Corey recorded "Radio Christmas" last year, and I thank him for sending me the song.

William Corey
The advent of the internet has made it possible to play songs that are incredibly new. All I need is the song file from the artist, and here are three of interest. First, from the UK, but now living in Toronto, is Darren Stewart-Jones and while the song is old, it's the very first "gay" version I know of "Santa Baby." And from Ennio's site comes a song he home-recorded, called "I Won't Be Home for Christmas." Last song of this set premiered on December 13th, as I'm working on this page of this site. And it's another artist I discovered on Dance artist Gene-Manuel just decided he needed a holiday song, and "Snowlight" was born, and don't you love his outfit! A star is...well, strategically placed. He won't say if the star really needed to be that large.

Darren Stewart-Jones





Capitol Steps   Freddy Mercury   Queen's Xmas 45

Above left, the only straight act on these shows...Capitol Steps have been issuing their political parody albums for 25 years, taking pot shots at whoever merits it. In 1994 Clinton was in office, and their gay-themed xmas parody was "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." And, gee, an actual chart record on QMH! From 1984 came Queen's "Thank God, It's Christmas."

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  Radio Christmas

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