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December 2014 Script

Matt Fishel - Oh, Santa! (2013)

Happy holidays from JD Doyle and on Queer Music Heritage this is one of my favorite shows of the year. I gather xmas music all year long by LGBT artists you likely have not heard, and I started off with one of my favorite artists, Matt Fishel. He redid, in a gay way, the Mariah Carey song "Oh, Santa." And I'm going next to an American Idol finalist from the 2010 season, finishing second. She's Crystal Bowersox, and I think she should have won, even more so now as last year she came out as bisexual and released this song, "Coming Out For Christmas."

Crystal Bowersox - Coming Out For Christmas (2013)
Antigone Rising - Santa You Owe Me (2013)

After Crystal Bowersox I continued with the band Antigone Rising, who said "Santa You Owe Me," and I got sort of a neat present from a UK duo that I've played often over the years, calling themselves Sponge Finger. I put the word out on Facebook that I needed music for this show and they not only sent me a new track, but included my name in the second line. Now that's a first, I'm part of the lyrics, and the track is called "G.A.Y. Christmas Song."

Sponge Finger - G.A.Y Christmas Song (2014)

And up next is the UK band The Feeling. Their lead singer Dan Gillepsie is openly gay so I like playing them. Their latest holiday song is "Christmas Is For Children."

The Feeling - Christmas Is For Children (2013)

And I love the Joni Mitchell song "River," and a lot of folks have done excellent versions of it. Out of Ireland is Brian Kennedy, doing his interpretation.

And this is JD Doyle for Queer Voices, reminding you that this mini-segment is just the tip of the iceberg for my holiday show. Check out the rest at

Brian Kennedy - River (2014)
Max Van Essen - Just in Time For Christmas (2013)
Ann Hampton Callaway - This Christmas (1997)

In the middle was Max Van Essen and the very nice "Just in Time for Christmas," and then you heard Ann Hampton Callaway, with her own composition, "This Christmas." Yes, she sounds like an angel and also writes, and has had three songs recorded by Barbra Streisand, so that's a pretty high standard. And congrats to her also, as last month she and her partner Kari were married.

Now, something a personal touch, as I'm delighted that this song was written especially for this show, by the band the Vinyl Closet.

Vinyl Closet - When Santa Went to Soho (2013)

In this next song the character Francis Tolliver is fictional but the story is true, and happened during an impromptu truce during World War I on the front lines, between weary British and German soldiers. John McCutcheon wrote it and singing it here is Michael Gott, who is Senior Associate Minister at Unity Church in Houston, and it's from his 2007 CD "All Is Calm, All Is Bright." Here's "Christmas in the Trenches."

Michael Gott - Christmas in the Trenches (2007)
Dave Hall - Christmas Eve With You (2014)
Chris Salvatore - All I Want for Christmas Is You (2013)

Very nice, that was Chris Salvatore doing the Mariah Carey song "All I Want for Christmas Is You," but instead of going full tilt diva, he slowed it way down and I think his way is kind of nice. In the middle of that set was an artist I've known a long time, at least 15 years, and I was delighted when he sent me his brand new xmas song and said I was the first to hear it. His name is Dave Hall and his song is "Christmas Eve With You."

One of my favorite songs of 2014 was by Matthew Connor, called "How Is July Already Over," and that will be on my January Best of the Year show, but he has a very atmospheric xmas song, named "No Presents for Christmas."

Matthew Connor - No Presents for Christmas (2013)
Declan Bennett - Father Christmas Knows (2013)

"Father Christmas Knows" was by a UK artist I've had the pleasure to meet, Declan Bennett, and this was at SXSW a couple years ago, and there are not many folks I would drive to Austin to see, but I did for him.

And this is JD Doyle finishing up Part 1 of my Queer Xmas Music Special, and I always like to say that this is the Xmas music you won't be sick of by now. I'm closing with the song I started off the show with last year, "Deck the Halls," and it's by Aussie artist Nathan Leigh Jones. And you may think you know what to expect, but he recorded a whole album of songs with standard xmas titles, but he kept the lyrics and wrote new melodies for them. Here's what he did to "Deck the Halls."

Nathan Leigh Jones - Deck the Halls (2013)

Sam Sparro - Spread a Little Love (2013)
Sponge Finger - It's Gonna Be a Gay Old Christmas (2013)

And that was a very gay song, called "It's Gonna Be a Gay Old Christmas," done by the UK duo calling themselves "Sponge Finger." I played a track by them in Part 1. But I opened with Aussie artist Sam Sparrow and "Spread a Little Love." This is JD Doyle and here's Part 2 of my Queer Xmas Music Special, and I'm going directly to NYC duo Hannah & Maggie to hear about "Mrs Claus."

Hannah & Maggie - Mrs Claus (2013)
Candy Apple Blue - Snow This Christmas (2013)
Perez Hilton - My Simple Christmas Wish (2014)
Chew Toys - I Hate Christmas (2014)

That got more intense the farther we got. After Hannah & Maggie the band Candy Apple Blue kept it nice with "Snow This Christmas" and then Perez Hilton sang one perfect for him, "My Simple Christmas Wish." But then....okay, a bit of upfront punk from the Chew Toys, who gave us "I Hate Christmas."

Well, if I played that one, then I can play one by three of RuPaul's drag alumini, Detox, Willam and Vicky Vox. They sing "That Christmas Song."

Detox, Willam, Vicky Vox - That Christmas Song (2013)
Spoilsport - Snowball (2004)
Roo - Home for Christmas (2006)

Well, I jumped around with that set. After the drag divas was "Snowball" by a short-lived punk band named Spoilsport. And then, without any warning, some spoken word, from 2006 by an artist going by the name Roo. It was called "Home for Christmas."

Here's Drake Jensen with a very nice country song, "Live Every Day."

Drake Jensen - Live Every Day (2013)
Andy Northrup - Christmas We Need You (2008)
Andy Monroe - Skating / Winter Song (2013/2012)

After Drake Jensen was Andy Northrup and "Christmas We Need You." And then two by Andy Monroe. He records a holiday or winter song every year and I am very pleased he's been keeping me on his list. By him I picked "Skating" and "Winter Song."

Steven Gellman has a new holiday release, called "Songs of Winter's Cheer," and from it are "Christmas for Cowboys" and "Home Sweet Home."

Steven Gellman - Christmas for Cowboys / Home Sweet Home (2014)

Drew Tablak released an EP last year, called "What Christmas Means to Me," and from it I took the track "All I Really Want Is Christmas Day," and guest artist on the track is Casey Wickstrom.

Drew Tablak & Casey Wickstrom - All I Really Want is Christmas Day (2013)
Andrew Abaria - They Say It's Christmas (2013)
Sir Paul - Get Some Love This Christmas (2013)

That was Sir Paul and a track from last year, "Get Some Love This Christmas," and before it Andrew Abaria gave us "They Say It's Christmas." This is JD Doyle thanking you for checking out my Queer Xmas Music Special. Taking us out is Jeff Straker and "Coming Home for Christmas."

Jeff Straker - Coming Home for Christmas (2013)

No, I didn't get around to including Larry Grayson in this playlist, but love the image.....