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Ray Bourbon 78's

Note: I am not trying to portray a discography of Ray's 78's, just a quick pictoral visit.
A few of these are in my collection, but most are scans from the net.

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Western Bourbana
circa 1935


New Bourbon Records
circa 1945




Above, a later pressing of "Cocktail Ray," as "Virgin-ia's Downfall," year unknown,
flip side ("Hitler's Orders") was by other unnamed performers (a man and woman)

Liberty Music Shop




Hollywood Hot Shots
& Hi-Society


The above sides were on the same disc, by different artists
Cliff Edwards later became the voice of Jiminy Cricket



Bourbon Album #1

Flyer for Bourbon's album sets, circa 1940's

Bourbon Album #2

Album #1 is Imperial 78's: 103, 104 & 105
Album #2 is Imperial 78's: 107, 108 & 112

Below, not sure about the story of this one, as the tracks were also on Imperial 100


Note different spellings of "lay" and "lei," from different pressings