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Female & Male Impersonator
Sheet Music

Over the years, I've collected images, almost all grabbed off eBay,
of old sheet music sporting female and male impersonators on their covers,
so I've consolidated them here. And I've added a number of newspaper
clippings as well. Click on each name to go to their page.

Female Impersonators
Lionel (Mike) Ames
Jean Barrios

Howard Blair
Neil Burgess
Julian Eltinge
Bert Errol
Leon Finch
Gene Gomez
Richard Harlow
Olin Landick
William Lingard
Tom Martelle
Karyl Norman
Francis Renault

Male Impersonators
Johnstone Bennett
Kitty Doner
Della Fox
Billie Gerber
Annie Hindle
Dixie Norton
 Hetty King 
Nellie Kolle
Elida Morris
Zelma Rawlston
Claire Romaine
Ella Shields
Florenze Tempest
Vesta Tilley
Hetty Urma

William Haines

And, one that did not really fit but is just here to amuse:

Below, another excellent source