Jimmy Slater...


from:   http://www.flickr.com/photos/trevira/sets/167864/

the owner of that site wrote:
Jimmy Slater: born in 1898 in Yorkshire, he started performing with seaside concert parties just before the First World War, and served during the war (in concert parties of course). After the war he was recruited to the cast of 'Splinters', a smash hit revue made up of an ex-military concert party, which toured into the 1930s - possibly the longest running revue on the British stage. He left Splinters some time in the 20s and went on to build himself a career in the North of England, produced revues, seaside shows and pantomimes and performed himself well into the 1960s. By this time he had a thriving costume supply business, and continued in this field. He lived to 100. My mum got to know him when she ran a vintage clothing shop and he called her and offered some of his old costumes for sale. They became good friends. When he died, mum went to the auction of his effects and bought a sackful of old publicity photos and press cuttings which she gave to me.