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The Club Jewel Box
Program 2

The additional performers shown in the second version are: Gean Korday, Del Dixon, Mickey Mercer, Lee Mong, Eddie Lee, Gaby Lee, Leverne Cummings (Laverne), and. Ricky Renee. The second book is dated by TC Jones as July 1950 when she autographed it, though her photo does not appear, as was also the case with Lynne Carter. Other autographed photos are of Jackie Jackson, Del Dixon, Mickey Mercer, Eddie Lee, and Laverne Cummings. This may be the earliest photo I have of Cummings, pre her trademark long blond hair.

The above paper was stapled to the inside cover...I could not google it
and have no idea who wrote it, or who Mr Lips might have been; or have
any idea if this was in every program.

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The following were additional photos included in this program

Above, the earliest phot I have of Laverne Cummings, who was in the JBR from 1950 to 1956,
before moving to Finocchio's (1956 - 1982). See this site

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In both programs variations in name spellings from other sources was common