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Other Gay Disco Artists

and, there were other gay artists of the Trash Disco era that I was not able to cover in these two shows, such as...

Dennis Parker

Dennis Parker

Parker had one album, on Casablanca, produced by Jacques Morali, released in 1978. He was also known as a porn star under the name Wade Nicols. Born in 1955, unfortunately he was diagnosed with AIDS in 1984 and committed suicide in 1985. Noted songs were "Like An Eagle," "New York By Night" and "I'm A Dancer."

Patrick Juvet

Patrick Juvet   Patrick Juvet

Another artists produced by Jacques Morali, Patrick Juvet was born in Switzerland but moved to Paris as fast as he could. His early releases were in French. His hits were "I Got A Feeling" and "I Love America."

Frank Loverde

Loverde Loverde 12"

His releases just used his last name and his biggest hit was "Die Hard Lover," from 1982, on the Moby Dick label. It was produced by Bill Motley and co-written by Loverde and Patrick Cowley. He died of AIDS in 1987.

Click to hear part of "Die Hard Lover"

Article mentioning Loverde


Okay, I've no idea if the act Macho was gay, but their album artwork was certainly aimed to attrack the attention of gay record buyers. They were recorded in Italy in, respectively, 1979 and 1980, with some finishing work done in New York City. While you can't tell from the scan, the second album (on the right) is actually entitled "Macho II: Roll." The song "I'm a Man" is a cover of the Spencer Davis hit, and did pretty well, with the 12" single (which preceded the album) reaching #6 on the Billboard dance charts, in the fall of 1978. Be sure to pass your cursor over the first album, to see it's enticing back photo. An excellent site gives more info on these releases: