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Artist and Other Disco Links of Interest:

(in no particular order, valid as of Jan 2005)

RuPaul Official Site
RuPaul on Funtone
RuPaul Interview from Lawtown Music
RuPaul Interview from Whoosh Online
RuPaul Interview by Shaun Proulx (Toronto)
RuPaul Interview, Factio Magazine
RuPaul Interview from Rainbow Express
RuPaul Interview by Dr Drew
RuPaul Interview in Out In The Mountains (VT)
RuPaul Interview by Jed Ryan
Village People Official Site
Randy Jones Site
Village People - Randy Jones Interview
Village People - Felipe Rose Interview (Montreal)
Village People - article on Felipe Rose
Village People article from Badpuppy
Village People - Interview with Henri Belolo
Village People - from Giorgy's Place (excellent)
Sylvester - from Queer Cultural Center
Sylvester - from David
Sylvester - from Roctober (excellent article)
Sylvester - from
Sylvester - from Giorgy's Place
Bronski Beat - the Making of...
Bronski Beat - bio from
Bronski Beat article
Jimmy Somerville Official Site
Jimmy Somerville bio from
Dan Hartman Tribute Site (excellent)
Dan Hartman - from The Estate Project
Paul Jabara - from The Estate Project
Erasure Official Site
Sex-o-Clock USA - article on soundtrack
Skatt Brothers - from Discomuseum
Man Parrish Official Site
Man 2 Man - from Giorgy's Place
Patrick Cowley - from Giorgy's Place

Boys Town Gang - from Giorgy's Place
Paul Parker - from Giorgy's Place
Sin With Sebastian - from
Sin With Sebastian Fanpage (German)
Manuel Sanchez Official Site
Monti Rock III Official Site (Disco Tex)
Monti Rock III - article (Nevada)

Meco - article/bio/interview

Paul Lekakis Official Site
FGTH Official Site

Other Excellent Disco Sites
Disco Music Was Gay Music
My Gay Music Top 100 (arbitrary but interesting, NL)
Various Artists Disco Covers - from Giorgy's Place
Giorgy's Place
Weather Girls - from Giorgy's Place
Weather Girl Izora Armstead - from
Last Man Dancing (excellent piece on Bill Motley, Cowley, SF scene)

Pet Shop Boys Unofficial Site
Divine - from Giorgy's Place