January 2008
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Playlist (Airdate Jan 28, 2008)
Levi Kreis - Bittersweet Salvation
Nick Granato - In This Human Race
Coyote Grace - It's So Bright
The Cliks - Complicated
Horse - This Time
Josh Duffy - What If Life
Alan Lett - The Same Song
Brian Glenn - My Nitch
Micah Barnes - After You
Susan Werner - Our Father (the New Revised Edition)
Heiskell - Gasoline
Joshua Klipp - Rescue Me
Ari Gold - Mr Mistress
Freddy Freeman - Freeman
Ivri Lider - Jesse

Yes, this is a look back at 2007, showcasing my favorite albums of the year, obviously a Very
subjective presentation, somehow and painfully narrowing it down to just 14, plus a bonus.

And, it's my 100th Broadcast show. I make the distinction of "broadcast show" because there
have been additional shows available only on my website. And also the total hours are much
more than 100, because many shows have longer versions and additional parts,
totaling around 150 hours on the site.