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Holly Near 45 rpm Discography

no loss of pride / once or twice (1981, Redwood 503, from "Fire in the Rain" LP)
ain't no where you can run / take it with you (1981, Redwood 501, from "Fire in the Rain" LP)
once or twice / once or twice (1981, Redwood 502)
back off / unity (1982, Redwood 505, from "Speed of Light" LP)
dancing bird / back off (1982, Plane 88373, German pressing, from "Speed of Light" LP)
winner take all / once or twice (1983, Redwood 507, from "Journeys" LP)
the promise (1987, Redwood 513, from "Don't Hold Back" LP)

I am sure this is only a partial listing of Holly's 45s, and I would
love to learn of more, so if you can help, please email me

Below, 1981

stamped "501" in dry groove

Below, 1982


1982, German pressing

Below, 1983


Click to read articles on Holly from Lesbian Tide (1976, 1979) and Hot Wire (1990)

The Redwood Collection, 1986

Redwood Records Catalogue, from the above LP, circa 1986


Who Plays Piano for Holly?

Two guys have mainly had that honor, Jeff Langley in the early years, and for about the last 25 years,
John Bucchino. I interviewed John in April of 2009, and you can click for that show.

Jeff Langley and Holly

And Holly wanted me to not to leave out others who have accompanied her over the years:

Mary Watkins
Adrienne Torf
Janet Hood
Scot Woolley
Barbara Higbie
John Boswell
JT Thomas
Nina Golden

Some special events accompanied by:
Julie Wolf
Spencer Brewer
Margie Adam

And one at Sonoma State with a great jazz pianist, Michael Bluestein

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