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Dave Catney Discography

"First Flight," 1990
"Jade Visions," 1991
"Reality Road," 1994
"Window of Light," 2000 (recorded 1988-89)

On Compilations:

"Jumper's Way," "Twinkle Twikle Little Star,"
"Jade Visions" and "Little Drummer Boy*" on
"Justice Records Compilation 1," 1991
* = track only found on this compilation

"Since Then" on
"Justice Records First Year Sampler," 1992

"I Believe in You" by
Kellye Gray, Dave Catney, Sebastian Whittaker,
David Craig & Warren Sneed, on
"Voices for Life: Volume 1, A Celebration of Houston
Music Benefiting AIDS Charities," 1992

"Fool Moon" on
"Justice Records Sampler #2," 1993

"Little Prayer" on
"Justice Records Sampler #3," 1994

"Little Prayer" on Fred Hersch production
"Last Night When We Were Young," 1994

"Reality Road," "An Old Wives Tale," "Since Then,"
"Little Prayer," "I've Got a Secret*" on
"Justice Music Corporation Compilation Disc,"
2-CDs, promo, with Willie Nelson, Tab Benoit, others.
* = track only found on this compilation

"Reality Road" on
"Heartkeys: The AIDS Memorial Album," 1995

As Musician:

As musician, with Kellye Gray:
"Standards in Gray," 1990
"Tomato Kiss," 1996 (recorded in 1992)

As musician, with Dwight Sills:
"Second Wind," 1992

As musician, with Darrel Tidaback:
"Timelines," 2009, recorded in 1994


And, "Cats Paws" by Fred Hersch, on the 2006 CD
"Point in Time" was dedicated to Dave Catney

CD Liners:

Dave does unexpected vocals on "Lost in the Stars"

As Musician


And the "Heartkeys" liner notes indicate his song "Jumper's Way," (inspired by his cat) was featured in the 1993
HBO film "And the Band Played On." Also, his song "Fool Moon" was used as background on "Melrose Place."

"HLive track on YouTube

Tim Clauson, Dave Catney's biographer, created a website for him,
and presents over 30 interviews you can read, which he
conducted with people who worked with Dave. Also included
for streaming are three tracks from the Darrel Tidaback album,
and two recorded a the Houston club, Cezanne, July 1993

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