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candid shots
June 9 - 12

Green Note House Concert , June 10th

featuring Christopher Dallman & Kimi Hayes

(note, it was Very warm at the concert...:)


2271-Christopher Dallman   2273-Christopher Dallman

2268-Christopher Dallman   2276-Christopher Dallman

2279-Christopher Dallman   2272-Christopher Dallman


2298-Kimi Hayes   2297-Kimi Hayes

   2300-Paula Marr of the Kimi Hayes Band

2301-Kimi Hayes   2312-Kimi Hayes

and general shots at the house concert:

2270-Jen Delopst, host

above, Jen Delopst hosts a wonderful series of house concerts...when in Chicago,
please see the schedule of artists at her site, www.green-note.org

2316-Paula Marr (of the Kimi Hayes Band), Christopher Dallman, and Kimi Hayes

2267-Sue Denis and Pam Smith   Chris Wilson, Christopher Dallman, & JD Doyle

 2318-JD Doyle, Christopher Dallman  2317-Christopher Dallman & Douglas Wood

 2319-Mekole Wells & JD Doyle 

below, later that evening Mekole Wells performed at @mosphere Bar

2323-Mekole Wells   2322-Mekole Wells

and in the crowd was Outmusic Awards host Lea DeLaria

2320 & 2321-Lea Delaria & JD Doyle

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