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candid shots
June 9 - 12

Nominee Showcase, Beat Kitchen, June 11th

Co-hosted by Cathy Richardson & Gregg Sharpiro

Performers: Tori Fixx, Kris Landherr, Keyth Lawrence, Mike Rickard, Kitty Rose, Scott Free, Mekole Wells, Douglas Wood and Robert Urban


2382-Green & Root

   2391-Keyth Lawrence

2388-co-host Cathy Richardson   2394-co-host Gregg Shapiro

Mike Rickard

   2403-Douglas Wood

2411-Kitty Rose   2415-Kitty Rose

2425 & 2428-Kris Landherr, with help from Troy Lambert

2423-Kris Landherr   2431-Robert Urban

2433-Robert Urban

2442-Scott Free   2458 & 2453-Tori Fixx

2457 & 2448-Tori Fixx

2451 & 2445-Tori Fixx   2465 & 2459-Mekole Wells

2462-Mekole Wells

and, candid pics at the show

2378-Kitty Rose, JD Doyle & Woody Simmons

2467-Root, JD & Green

   2380-Tori Fixx & JD Doyle

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And, Jed Ryan was nice enough to send me a few of his great shots. These are from the Nominees Showcase, as seen below.

Visit his site at www.JedRyan.com

Root & Green   Troy & Kris

Doug  Keyth  MeKole

Robert, Jenn, Tori, Scott