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candid shots
June 9 - 12

OMA Post-Show pics, June 12th

at Gentry


2599-Roddy Barnes & Lea DeLaria

above, Roddy Barnes (who with Gaye Adegbalola received two OMA nominations) played for the singers....

2606 & 2607-Lea DeLaria & Nadine Goellner

2608-Gaye Adegbalola

2602 & 2603-Lea DeLaria & Nadine Goellner


and the captivated lucky crowd...

Mekole Wells (front) and you can spot in the back Robert Urban, Lars Von Keitz and Jinx Titanic)

left to right, Dylan Rice, Jo Jo Gentry, and Rachael Sage

Gaye Adegbalola, and in the background you can spot Scot Free's lover (Dean), and Tori Fixx

and two more of Lea, wailing away...

   2597-Lea DeLaria

2598-Lea Delaria

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And, Jed Ryan was nice enough to send me a few of his great shots, mostly from the After Awards Party, as seen below.

Visit his site at www.JedRyan.com

Scott Free & Dylan Rice


Presenter Brad McGuire   Ari Gold

Rachael Sage, Jo Jo Gentry, and Justin Tranter

Leah DeLaria, Keyth Lawrence & Ari Gold

Douglas Wood & JD Doyle

Donald W. Savoie, Executive Director San Franscisco Gay Men's Chorus   Lea DeLaria

Rachael Sage, Nadine Goellner, and JoJo Gentry (Dylan Rice in background)

and, what photo could follow the one below?...:)

who else but Jinx Titanic