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candid shots
June 9 - 12

OMA Pre-Show pics, June 12th

backstage & miscellaneous


since I was fortunate to stay with the organizers (Gregg & Rick) and was also "media" I was able to get into the "green room" and to watch the sound check, and of course took photos...

2472a-Gaye Adegbalola & JD Doyle

2473-Roddy Barnes & Gaye Adegbalola   2474-JD Doyle & Dylan Rice

2475-Justin Tranter

2483-Sandy O & Pat Humphries (Emma's Revolution)

2490-Dylan Rice

2500-Rachel Sage   2497-Ari Gold

2486 & 2492-Nadine Goellner

   Rachael Sage, Kiya Heartwood, Miriam Davidson (of Wishing Chair)

2506-Lea DeLaria   2516-Pam Smith

Johnny Dangerous being handcuffed by Jinx Titanic, practicing for later

2508-Stewed Tomatoes: Katie Jacobson & Lisa Hernandez...the other "Tomatoe," Martie Marro couldn't attend   

2515-hey, I got to introduce Dylan Rice and Christopher Dallman, how cool is that!

2518-Ari Gold & Tori Fixx

2521 & 2519-Toni Armstrong Jr, June Millington & Pam Smith

Jed Ryan sent me this great show of him with June Millington

2523-Green & Root behind Wishing Chair

Michael Biello & Dan Martin, behind Sandy O and Pat Humphries

2527-Woody Simmons & Kitty Rose

2528-Dougla Wood & Mike Rickard

2533-JD Doyle & Tim Cain

and, it somehow seems fitting that Nomy Lamm would being blowing bubbles at the event

2530-Nomy Lamm

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