Much More on Elliot Pilshaw, and Friends

Below, 1984 Cassette

Elliot & Lorin played several gigs with The Choral Majority, I have an interview on them on This Show

Below, 1984 article in RFD

Below, a side trip, as I want to spotlight his friends as well. Jean Gauthier, shown
on the "Ten Percent Revue" tape cover, second from left, has released two CDs on
her own, "Yours In Spirit" in 1998, and one with coincidentally the same title as
Elliot's LP, "Feels Like Home," in 2008. They both contain "out" lyrics.


A rare ad, from a "Ten Percent Revue" program from
1985, on an early title for the album that became the
1986 album "Feels Like Home" and below, his Press Kit


Above, two albums by John Bucchino, who very much contributed to
the excellence of the album "Feels Like Home." And below, it's rare
for "a man" to be shown in a photo in the magazine "Hot Wire," the
superb magazine on Women's Music, but Elliot pulled it off, in good
company, with Alix Dobkin, Ronnie Gilbert and Ruth Pelham.

Above, I think "Feeding the Flame" should be in the collection of every
GLBT person, as it's a landmark album. You'll see lots of faces familiar
to the story told in Elliot's interview: Michael Callen, The Flirtations,
Romanovsky & Phillips, Tom Wilson Weinberg, John Bucchino and
Willie Sordill. Below, two albums on which Elliot contributed backing
vocals, by Michael Callen and Grant King.




Thanks to John Whitley for the two pics below of Sons & Lovers

Sons & Lovers evolved into Mystery Date, with Browne, Whitley, Stern and new member Joshua Koffman


And below, solo albums by Sons & Lovers members John Whitley and Deian McBryde


Finally, a pic from June 2008, of Elliot at a performance of the Miami Gay Men's Chorus