Disappear Fear



Above, CD singles from 1995, 1996

SONiA of Disappear Fear


Below, guest duet on "Other Houses" on Mark Weigle CD in 2000
Contributed song to Dusty Springfield Compilation, 2000



No Bomb Is Smart

Above, DVD from 2004, and below right, dance mix CD single




"Who I Am" (DVD)

SONiA Live At Schubas 11/19/2004

I'm not sure how "official" this release is, appears to be digital only


As Producer


Sarah Pinsker, "Charmed," 2000, producer, musician, backups
Sam Weiser, "Sam I Am," 2010, producer, musician, vocals

Lynn Frances Anderson, "Beautiful Morning," 2001, co-producer, backups
(and Anderson covers SONiA's song "Biggest Baddest Heart" on this album)

Guest Appearances


CommonbonD, "Chasing Solace," 2002, backups on "Lemonade"
which also appeared on their CD "Ten," 2008
Terry Farmer CD (pending details)
Sarah Pinsker, "Wingspan," 2003, backup vocals
Steven Gellman, "Return to Summer Lake," 2000, backups
Steven Gellman, "Love Loss Longing," 2003, backup vocals
Steven Gellman, "Peaceful World," 2010, backups


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