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Montrose Men

The Montrose Men were a short-lived local Houston group, and at least on this rare recording
they were Very influenced by The Village People and the disco sounds of the day.
Below are every mention of them from the publication This Week in Texas (TWT),
spanning 9/21/79 to 3/21/80. The flip side was an instrumental version.


Members were: Bo, Calvin, Charles and Greg
I've not seen any mention of last names, if you can
provide them please let me know

It appears at this point Calvin left the group

below, apparently they changed their name to Neon...wonder why?

I believe this is the same "M Richard Askin" who produced the group and wrote their song.

Have more info, clippings or photos? Let Me Know

below, from DJ Barry Browder, scan of his copy
of the 45, autographed