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"Some of My Best Friends Are..."

                                                          Theatre Press Kit

See the movie trailer on YouTube

And, the music...

Naturally there was no soundtrack issued for this 1971 film, but I
recently acquired two 45 rpm records of music from it. You
can decide for yourself if they are great music, but as they
certainly are history, and so, so very rare, I'm sharing them.

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Gordy Rose - Where Do You Go
Novella Nelson - The Bar
Gordy Rose - Inside My Head
Dave Grover - People People

Complete movie music listing:

- Title song "The Bar" music lyrics by Gordon Rose, sung by Novella Nelson
- Theme Song "Where Do I Go" music lyrics by Gordon Rose, sung by Gordon Rose
- "Here Inside My Head" "Shoo Fly" "Out There" composers undetermined, sung by Gordon Rose
- "Not Winning Not Losing" "Middle of a Bad Time" composers undetermined, sung by Joe Miller
- "People People" composer undetermined, sung by David Grover.

  Novella Nelson

Found a pic of Novella Nelson, who has had a long career in television and films, and had a 70's LP

Gordy Rose is probably the same Gordon Rose who did the music for the 1970 movie "There's a Girl
In My Soup," but I could find nothing more about him, and found nothing at all about Dave Grover.

And, it's now 2008, and the movie has finally been released on DVD!

Note: I have no connection with the company releasing this film, I'm just glad they did...:)

As they appear to not be online at all, I provide their contact info as a service to my site visitors.

They released "SOMBFA" after the flyer I have was printed,
so you will have to contact them for pricing and availability