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David Kelsey

San Francisco Entertainer

David Kelsey was a very popular entertainer in San Francisco for many years, beginning around the
mid-1960's, billed normally as "David Kelsey at the organ." I noticed his name in a number of ads in the
publication "Vector," from the early 1970's, but never thought about him having released recordings of
his music until I spotted an LP on eBay. I remembered the name and immediately bought it,
but gee, the cover sold itself. Could that LP jacket cover be any more gay?

Digging deeper I found that in addition to his bar appearances, he was Music Director for
several well-known revues, such as Charles Pierce at Bimbo's (1971) and several shows
starring San Francisco drag institution Michelle (late 1960's). His "Flights of Fancy" album
was from 1979, and a second album "Top of the Heap" was released in 1983. That one was
with a band and was billed as "Dave Kelsey & Pure Trash."

December 2, 1939 - June 15, 1998

Ads in Vector Magazine, 1971-72

Vector May 1971Vector Jun 1971Vector Oct 1971Vector Jan 1972

at the 2nd Annual Golden Awards
(for gay entertainment)

as Musical Director of a Charles Pierce show

as Arranger for a Michelle Revue, 1967

And he was featured prominently in the program:

and in Michelle's "It's Me Again" show, 1969


"Flights of Fancy" 1979

Click to Hear

Star Trek / Fly Me to the Moon

The Man I Love

David Kelsey & Pure Trash

"Top of the Heap" 1983

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below, excellent article in Bay Area Reporter by Michael Flanagan