Parts 1 & 2

Part 1, Time: 74:12
Christian Andreason - Show Me In Red (2005)
Christian Andreason comments
Bayard Rustin - Ezekial Saw the Wheel / Lonesome Valley (1950s)
Johnnie Ray - I'm Gonna Walk and Talk with My Lord (1958)*
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus - Behold Man (1981)
Meg Christian - Lord Make Me an Instrument (1998)*
Marsha Stevens Interview
Children of the Day - For Those Tears I Died (1970)
Children of the Day - Children of the Day (1970)
Marsha Stevens - I Will Not Behave Like Prey (1995)*
Christian Andreason accepting an OMA for Marsha
Marsha Stevens - You Called Us Good (2005)
Marsha Stevens - The Waiting Is Over (1998)*
Justin Ryan - He Would Be King (2006)*

Part 2, Time: 76:48
Marsha Stevens Interview, continued
John Hocking - I'll Still Have Jesus (1992)*
Christian Left - The Body of Christ Has AIDS (1995)*
Marsha Stevens - Lead This Pioneer (1998)*
Rev Troy Perry (1973)*
Marsha Stevens - I Found You (1998)
Marsha Stevens - Wherever You Go (2005)*
Marsha Stevens - A Future and a Hope (2005)*
Godspell - Day By Day (1972)
Stan Graner & Amy Mills - Lifted by the Power of Truth (1995)
Tom Carlisle - Where There's God (1999)*
JD Sebastian - We Are Free (1999)*
Kadie O & the Light - Shepherd (2000)
Joe Warner - The Agenda (2000)
Jallen Rix - I Saw Jesus Down at Stonewall (1995)
Shawn Thomas - Not Gay Enough For You (2006)
Marsha Stevens - No Matter What Way (1997)

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"The Rhythm of Life" by Christian Andreason, 2005

The show started with Christian Andreason's song "Show Me In Red," from his album "The Rhythm of Life," and his comments

10" album from the 1950s,with a pic from the back

Rustin CD  Rustin cassette

Bayard Rustin

a young Rustin with his guitar

Rustin & Martin Luther King Jr

Bayard Rustin was a civil rights activist and help guide Martin Luther King Jr into being the leader he was, but he also was a singer of spirituals, as the pictured recordings from the 1950's show

Johnnie Ray - In Las Vegas, 1958   SFGMC - Tours America '81   Meg & her 1998 cassette

Above, probably an unexpected artist for this show is Johnnie Ray, but his 1958 album included a couple songs that showed his gospel influences. Above center, the first gay chorus album came in 1981, by the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus, and, at right, women's icon Meg Christian for the last couple decades has gone by her yoga name, Shambhavi Christian, but the music is just as sweet

Free To Be, 1987Best Is Yet To Come, 1991I Still Have a Dream, 1993Live in Concert, video, 1994For Those Who Know It Best, 1995I Will Not Behave Like Prey, 1995

Marsha Stevens Interview

No Matte What Way, 1997The Gift Is On the Inside, 1998The Waiting Is Over, 1999Retrospect, 2000Songs of Praise from a Strange Land, 2003You Called Us Good, 2005

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Marsha, Chrisian & JD, and behind us, Christian, Marsha and Christian's partner Jamie, April 2000

I first met Marsha at the 1999 GLAMA Awards, held in April of 2000, where both she and Christian Andreason were nominated in the Contemporary Spiritual category, the first year for that category. Christian won, and with sweet symmetry, last year at the Outmusic Awards, they were both nominated for the new category, Outstanding Recording - Spiritual, and this time Marsha was the recipient. Christian accepted it enthusiastically on her behalf, as you can hear in Part 1.

Marsha & JD, April 2000

Marsha performing at the Outmusic Awards in June, 2004

In June of 2004 Marsha was given a Special Recognition Award, at the Outmusic Awards. I snapped the above photo of her performing. Below, the Children of the Day album from 1971 that began her career, and contained the hit, "For Those Tears I Died."

Children of the Day LP, 1971


Marsha is always generous in promoting the work of others. In the interview she talked about Justin and also spoke kindly of John Hocking and Stuart Boardman, who recorded under the wonderful name Christian Left. And, below, one of the services of Rev Troy Perry was recorded in 1973, and in the show I share with you his description of how the Metropolitan Church began. Click Here for large scans of the album.

Rev Troy Perry, 1973

"Godspell"   Lee Lessack & Steven Schwartz, at the OMA's, June 2006

Stan Graner   Amy Mills   "Coming Out Coming Home"

Above, the 1971 hit musical "Godspell" was created by gay singer/composer Steven Schwartz, who I got to meet in NYC last June at the Outmusic Awards, where he is shown here doing a duet with Lee Lessack. And below them is the Dallas MCC 1995 musical, "Coming Out Coming Home," which included the song "Lifted By the Power of Truth," sung by one of the show's principal songwriters, Stan Graner (above left), and Amy Mills...sorry, that's the only pic I could find of her. If you have a larger one please send it along.

The music from "Coming Out Coming Home" was just one of a small and select group, artists who have released lyrically gay Christian songs. Tom Carlisle did it on his 1999 album, "Follow Your Star." Another pic of him is below center, next to J.D. Sebastian, who also in 1999 released his CD, "We Are Free." In 2000 Kadie O & the Light released their CD "Red October," containing the song "Shepherd." Earlier recordings by them were released under the name Acoustic Souls.

Tom Carlisle, "Follow Your Star," 1999   Tom Carlisle   J.D. Sebastian

J.D. Sebastian - "We Are Free," 1999   Kadie O, also known as Acoustic Souls   Kadie O & the Light, "Red October," 2000

Below, Joe Warner has openly gay songs on two recordings "Worthy" in 2000, and on "Hope of Glory" in 2001. Photos of him seem to scarce on the net. I found the small shot with the cowboy hat on the various artists CD "Walk By Faith." Fortunately, he sent me a brand new pic, the one on the park bench. Below him is Jallen Rix, and his classic "I Saw Jesus Down at Stonewall." And, just in time for this show, Shawn Thomas made available from his new CD "Faith Unashamed," the wonderful song "Not Gay Enough For You," and you can't find a song much gayer than that. An interview with Shawn graces Part 3 of the show.

Joe Warner   Joe Warner   Joe Warner, "Hope of Glory," 2001

Joe Warner, December 2006

Jallen Rix, "The Sacred & the Queer," 1995   Jallen Rix, "Time on a Chain," 2000   Shawn Thomas



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In the background under many of the interview quotes by Marsha you heard the
beautiful piano music of Judy Blackwelder, from her 2001 album, "Prayer Circle"

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