Canaan's new CD, "Serious"

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Part 4

Part 4, Time 76:40
Canaan - Church House (2006)
Canaan - Solomon's Song
Canaan - I Am Free (2006)
Melanie - The Lord Be Magnified (1986)
Positive Voices - Greater Than AIDS (1997)
Positive Voices - Until It's Over (1997)
The Anointing - Most Holy One (2002)
Danny Riddle - I Should Have Been Crucified (1981)
Danny Riddle - I'm Going Up (2004)
Danny Riddle - If God Be With Us (2002)
Terry Lee Ousley - If God Be With Us (2003)
Terry Lee Ousley - I'm a Christian (1981)
Terry Lee Ousley Medley - May the Gifts (2003) / I Give Up (2003) /
   Nothing Can Separate Us (2002) / We Won't Let Go (2003)
Justin Ryan - Swing Low Sweet Chariot (2006)
Shawn Thomas & Justin Ryan - Get Up (2006)
Rick & Andy - Just Over In the Glory Land (2005)
Gospel Express Ministries - Mighty Savior (2002)
Joe Warner - Beautiful Man (2001)
David North comments
David North & Gospel Celebration - I Am Not Ashamed (1998)
David North - I Am Gay & It's Okay (2006, from phone interview)
David North & Gospel Celebration - Justified (1998)

Melanie WilkinsonDavid LeeJames BlanchardCathy TaylorDavid Idleburgh

Above, Canaan

I obviously love the debut album by Canaan, as I started this segment with three of their songs. They are sponsored by and based at the Rainbow Promise MCC in Lakeland, Fl, and the all-gay/lesbian band is comprised of Melanie Wilkinson, David Lee, James Blanchard, Cathy Taylor and David Idleburgh.

And Melanie has her own history in Christian music. At the left is her CD, "Just Mel," from 1986, when she was living in Italy.

When in my research I realized that Melanie was probably the same singer now with Canaan I wrote her to verify that, and got this reply, which she is allowing me to share:

"Yes...years ago I traveled overseas while I was married to my husband who was in the military.  I sang at a lot of military bases and Christian conferences.  That's where I recorded my first CD/Tape, entitled "Just Mel".  Yes..  I had foo-foo hair then and was a little sweet housewife gone Christian singer...:)

I walked away from that ministry, only because of my inner struggles with being gay.  I  hated my life of duplicity.  So, when we moved back to the states, I eventually divorced my husband, because of my sexuality and other factors.

And Now??? I am living free-er than I've ever known.  The music is far more powerful, because I have no shame or embarrassment. I have no fear of "if they ever found out, they'd kick me out"  !   Ha!  I swear I'm going to write a song one day like that."

Positive Voices - Windows of Hope   Jackson Myars   Positive Voices - Until It's Over

Jackson Myars (center) was the founder and director of Positive Voices, a choir of HIV-positive men associated with The Cathedral of Hope, Metropolitan Community Church in Dallas, Texas. The ensemble toured in the Southwest, made two CD recordings and received a nomination for a 1997 GLAMA (Gay & Lesbian American Music Awards) in the choral music category. Jackson Myars died of AIDS in Dallas at the age of 38 on May 28, 2002. (From The Estate Project website). Below, The Anointing, associated with the Resurrection MCC, Houston.

The Anointing - Breaking Through CD, 2003  The Anointing

Two of the most prolific artists of the show are Danny Riddle and Terry Lee Ousley, and they both began recording over 25 years ago. They've written songs together, and they both were very helpful to me with this show.

The Collection, 1989Christmas With Danny, 1985Hymns of Praise, 1986

Danny Riddle, circa 2004

Old Time Religion, 2000In a Different Light, 2002You Raise Me Up, 2004

New Horizons, 1997Perfect In God's Eyes, 2000Give Christmas, 2000

Amazing, 2001Terry Lee Ousley,  2003One Nation Under God, 2001

Attitude of Praise, 2002Body Builders, 2003Journey to the Promise, 2003


Below, Rick & Andy's 2005 album "Going Places" included a couple of
spiritual songs, and I chose "Just Over in the Glory Land"



Terry Lee Ousley produced the 2002 album "All Glory To God" for Sherry Roby and Randy Meadows, who at that time were recording as Gospel Express Ministries. And, Joe Warner's 2000 CD "Worthy" gave us "The Agenda," which I played in Part 2, and his follow-up CD, "Hope of Glory" yielded "Beautiful Man"

David K North  David K North & Gospel Celebration  David K North

I had a delightful telephone conversation with David North about the album he and Gospel Celebration released in 1998, and he even gave me a very impromptu a cappella rendition of their unrecorded song "I'm Gay & It's Okay," which can be heard in this segment of the show.

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