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Part 5

Part 5, Time: 76:39
Rev Deanna Jaworski - Operator (1999)
Apostle Dale Jarrett - I Give You Glory (2000)
Witness - Hold On To the Gospel (1992)
Sherry (Phillips) Stanton- God Is a Good God
Reconciled - Reconciled (1998)
Orgena Rose - Balm In Gilead
Judy Cassidy - Just a Closer Walk With Thee (2002)
Angel Blacker - Born Again (2000)
Cathy Bridges - I Choose You (2000)
Beth Styles - Follow the Lord (2006)
Rev Franc Perry - Let Us Sing to God (2006)
Allen Hanks - I Cannot (2006)
Alan Lett - From Now On (2004)
Alan Lett - I Can Only Imagine (2006)
Alan Lett - Mansion Over the Hilltop (2006)
Christian Andreason - All the Time (2001)
Marcus Young - My Heart's on Fire (2003)
Don Kennedy - Abide With Me (1997)
Transcendence Gospel Choir and San Francisco
   Gay Men's Chorus - Oh Happy Day (2004)

Rev Deanna Jaworski (above left) has released four recordings: two 3-song CD-EPs, ("Somewhere In The Morning," 1985, and "SpiritSongs," 1997) and two full-length CDs, "Creating the Future" and "Everything's Gonna Be Alright," both from 1999. Her delightful version of "Operator" came from the latter disc. She is Senior Pastor at the Church of the Holy SpiritSong, in Ft. Lauderdale.


Dale Jarrett  Dale Jarrett CD  Witness

Pastor Dale Jarrett released a solo CD, ""Into His Presence: Songs of Worship & Adoration," in 2000, but before that sang with a group called Witness. I took "Hold On To The Gospel" from their 1992 tape, "Jesus Is Lord of All," and their other release is shown below.

"God Is Greater" by Witness

Below, Sherry Stanton also used the name Sherry Phillips, and google only yielded for me a couple small photos of her. And the group Reconciled, out of Tacoma, WA, is even more elusive. Even though I have their self-titled 1998 CD, it gives no member names or clues of their current existence.

Sherry Stanton's "Songs From the Journey"  Sherry Stanton CD "It Is Written"  Sherry Stanton  "Reconciled", by Reconciled

Orgena Rose  Orgena Rose  Judy Cassidy  Judy Cassidy CD

Orgena Rose is a "graduate" of Marsha Stevens' Upbeat program, and is readying her first CD, and above right is Judy Cassidy, who released a disc of standards in 2002. Angel Blacker (below) has left little trail of her work on the net; I found only the two small scans of her albums. I was pleased to be able to take her song "Born Again" from the various artist CD "Walk By Faith, Volume 1." It and its companion disc were put out by Pride Christian Music in 2002 and 2003, and now are themselves difficult to find. They are worth the hunt though, as they contain music by several artists difficult to obtain, like Sherry Stanton, Gospel Express, Joe Warner, Judy Cassidy, Acoustic Souls, Deanna Jaworski, Kevin Jacobson, Marcus Young, and others.

Angel Blacker  From the Manger to the Cross  Breath of Heaven

Walk By Faith, Vol. 1  Walk By Faith, Vol. 2

I easily found both of the CDs below at, a great source for the music of indy artists. Cathy Bridges' "Renaissance" is from 2000, and brand new is "Glory," by Beth Styles and her friends...talented friends such as Rev Delores Berry and Rev Franc Perry, an excellent CD.

Cathy Bridges  "Renaissance" by Cathy Bridges  "Glory", the Works of Beth Styles

Beth Styles  Rev Franc Perry


"The Noise Next Door," 2004  "Heart, Soul & Hymns" by Alan Lett, 2006  Alan Lett

sexy pose, Alan lett  Alan lett

Above, Houston artist Alan Lett already has two excellent CDs under
his belt of his own, and has produced the last two releases for
Jason and deMarco, and the new and debut recording for Allen Hanks

Allen Hanks  Allen Hanks CD "Not Like Mine"

Everybody Else, 1991 single

I probably have one of the more complete Christian Andreason recording collections, and they range from his 1991 cassette single to his latest CD, a various artists benefit disc he produced for Katrina relief. His song "Show Me In Red" was perfect to start this show, and I thank him for his comments on the song. I just had to play another song by him, and in this segment chose "All the Time," from 2001.

Everybody Else (single, 7:04, 1991)
Remember Me (1998)
Boy Called Sue Sampler (1999)
The Storybook (1999)
All The Time (2001)
The Rhythm of Life (2005)


Billy Porter & Christian Andreason


Remember Me, 1998

The Storybook, 1999

Boy Called Sue, 1999

All the Time, 2001

Rhythm of Life, 2005

Katrina CD, 2005

Right, with Billy Porter, who guested on Christian's Katrina CD, along with Ari Gold, Kitten K Serra, Jeanna Drey, Alan Lett, Jason & deMarco, Jeanie Cunningham, Steph Case, Eileen Faxas, and a number of others.

"Heart's Fire" by Marcus Young    Marcus Young 

Finishing off this segment are Indiana artist Marcus Young, whose latest CD,
"Heart's Fire" was released in 2003. Don Kennedy released his mostly spiritual
CD, "Come Home," in 1997, and in 2004 the Transcendence Gospel Choir
teamed up with the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus for "Oh, Happy Day!"

 "Come Home" by Don Kennedy   "Oh Happy Day" by the TGC & SFGMC

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