Finally, Part 7

Including a special interview with Jason & deMarco

Part 7, Time: 53:32
Christopher Hoffman - The Road (2002)
Joe Simmons - Time and Space (1994)
Tom McCormack - All That I Am (1991 & 2001)
Jason Warner - Amen (1999)
Jason & deMarco Interview
Jason & deMarco - It Is Well (2003)
Jason & deMarco - All I Long For (2004)
Jason & deMarco - Trying to Get to You (2006)
Jason & deMarco - Trying to Get to You (remix) (2006)
Jason & deMarco - When Your Spirit Gets Too Weak (2006)
Transcendence Gospel Choir - Safe in the Arms of Jesus (2003)

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     Christopher Hoffman, "The Road"  Christopher Hoffman  Joe Simmons, on his CD "Singing Out"

In 2002 Christopher Hoffman released an excellent CD, called "The Road," and in 1994 Joe Simmons' project was "Singing Out." He was a fan of the writing of NYC singer/songwriter Tom McCormack, as his CD included two of Tom's songs. And I'm a big fan of Tom as well. He released on cassette "Running With Light" in 1991, and I thought it was extraordinary, and was one of the people who nudged him that he really, really needed to release it on CD, which he did, in 2001. You can hear a short (and long) versions of an interview with Tom on my QMH show for February 2002.

"Running With Light," by Tom McCormack  Tom McCormack   Tom McCormack

Jason Warner - In the Waiting  Jason Warner - Only a Whisper

Jason Warner - Still  The Spirit of Christmas

Songs for the Spirit  Til the End of Time  Trying to Get to You


No, I don't have all of the releases of Jason Warner and deMarco DeCiccio, but I'm working on it. Jason's first few CDs are now out of print, but he's included the best of those tracks in his 2004 release, "Still." Jason's earlier discs included "Only a Whisper" (1999) and "In the Waiting" and "Mercy Said No." As a duo they released "The Spirit of Christmas" (2002), "Songs for the Spirit," (2003), "Spirit Pop," (2004), and in 2005, "Til the End of Time" and the remix CD of one of its tracks, "Trying To Get To You." December of 2006 marks the release of "Halo."

Below, I was delighted to see Jason & deMarco perform in June of 2005 at Maranatha House of Glory in Houston, and then do my second interview with them that same weekend.


J&D, June 2005, Houston

Whosoever Believes, 2004   Transcendence Gospel Choir

I ended Part 5 with the Transcendence Gospel Choir, and chose them to end the entire marathon, this time with "Safe in the Arms of Jesus," from their CD "Whoever Believes." That CD won the Outmusic Award for 2004 in the Chorus/Choir category.

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