Marsha Stevens Discography, and More

Free To Be, 1987  Best Is Yet To Come, 1991  I Still Have a Dream, 1993

For Those Who Know It Best, 1995  I Will Not Behave Like Prey, 1995  No Matte What Way, 1997

The Gift Is On the Inside, 1998  The Waiting Is Over, 1999  Retrospect, 2000

Songs of Praise from a Strange Land, 2003  You Called Us Good, 2005

Live in Concert, video, 1994


Children of the Day

   Children of the Day  Come to the Waters, 1971

Where Else Would I Go   With All Our Love   Christmas Album

Never Felt So Free   Buttervly

1971 Come To The Waters {Maranatha HS-777/2} & 1977 {Light}
1973 With All Our Love {Maranatha HS-777/6} & 1977 {Light}
1975 Where Else Would I Go... {Maranatha HS-777/15} & 1977 {Light}
1975 Christmas Album {Maranatha HS-021} & 1977 {Light}
1977 Come On In
1977 Never Felt So Free {Light 5712}
1979 Butterfly {Light 5759}

I only have the first Children of the Day album, but with about 30 minutes of googling I was able to find scans (though small) of four others and discography data

Above, Russ Stevens, Marsha Stevens, Wendy Carter, Peter Jacobs

And Click Here to see a very rare video of Children of the Day, from 1971 on a Kathryn Kuhlman TV special...they appear on Part 6 of the video (only) and the clip is titled "Kathryn with Duane Pedersen and Chuck Smith"

Here's the photo Marsha mentioned, taken backstage at a Gaither concert, with
Cindy, Marsha, Bill Gaither and (former Gaither Vocal Band member) Mark Lowry.


And, here's another look at the singers who participated in Marsha's 2003 CD "Songs of Praise from a Strange Land"

Songs gang


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