Nov 2008
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Part 2
Rhythm Method - I Met Her On A Sunday (1994)
Rhythm Method - Prove It On Me Blues (1994)
Therapy Sisters - 6:09 Woodrow (1989)
Monica Grant - Best Girl (1994)
Monica Grant - Coming Out Story (1994)
Teresa Chandler & Karen Ripley - D-Y-K-E (1993)
Teresa Chandler & Karen Ripley - Squeezin' Yours (1993)
Melinda - Remember Stonewall (1994)
Zonna - Loving Her (1998)
Swingshift - Too Cool To Be True (early 80s)
Heartsong - Sister (1990)
Lifeline - Shooting Star (1983)
Anne Seale - Your Women's Bookstore (1991)
Anne Seale - Women, Womyn, Wimmin (1991)
Anne Seale - Lesbian Cemetery (1991)
Gwen Avery - I'm Gonna Live the Life I Sing About (1999)
Laura Berkson - Marie (1989)
Black Dresses - Stan's Christmas (1995)
Catie Curtis - Change Your Mind (1989)
Lorrie Wesoly - I Am Gay (1989)

Monica Grant

Teresa Chandler & Karen Ripley


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Tribute Page on Zonna


Ann Seale

Laura Berkson

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for much more on Catie Curtis

Catie Curtis


Since the information on these tapes is so historic and hard to find, I've
scanned the entire cassette liners -- Click the tape above for those pages.
This often includes complete lyrics, and for some additional photos.