Nov 2009
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Lily Tomlin, in her Edith Ann chair

Part 1 -- 58:00

Lily Tomlin - Edith Ann on Lesbians (late 1970')
Dos Fallopia - Camp Song (1992)
Harrison & Tyler - Running It (part) (1973)
Robin Tyler - "Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Groom" (1979)
Robin Tyler Interview (2002)
Ivy Bottini - Lesbians/WLM (1976)
Out of the Closet - The Fashion Show (1977)
Alix Dobkin - Amazon ABC (1976)
Lynn Lavner comments (2003)
Lynn Lavner - Butch and Femme (1992)
Lynn Lavner - A Lesbian Too Long (1992)
Lily Tomlin - Doris Gay (late 1970s)
Kate Clinton - from 25th Anniversary Tour DVD (2007)
Kate Clinton Interview (2009)
Sue Fink - Leaping Lesbians (1977)

Dos Fallopia is Lisa Koch & Peggy Pratt

Harrison & Tyler, and Robin Tyler

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Above, Ivy Bottini's 1976 EP, and below "Out of the Closet" LP

Alix Dobkin and Lynn Lavner


Sue Fink, on the cover of Hot Wire, and the "Lesbian Concentrate" LP



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