Nov 2009
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Part 2 -- 67:03

Lizzy the Lezzy - Episode #1 (2007)
Teresa Chandler & Karen Ripley - I Survived a Femme (1994)
Jamie Anderson - Wynona, Why Not (1993)
Jamie Anderson - Six Flags Over Jesus (2004)
Ellen Degeneres - from "Here and Now" (2003)
Georgia Ragsdale - A Huge Ellen Fan (1997)
Rhythm Method - I Met Her on a Sunday (1994)
Ann Reed comments (2002)
Ann Reed - Power Tools (1997)
Suzanne Westenhoefer - "Nothing In My Closet" (1997)
Bidngi Birds - Irony (1995)
Linda Topp comments (2001)
Topp Twins - Country Music (2005)
Robin Greenspan - Gay Comedy (1999)
Lea DeLaria - Dating Tips for Dykes (1992)
Monica Grant - Boyfriend (1996)
Monica Grant - Shadows on Uuugh (1996)
Phranc - M-a-r-t-i-n-a (live, 1993)
Kate Clinton - from "Making Light" (1982)
Alison Farrell - I Like Being a Dyke (1992)
Indigo Etheridge - Monogamous Slut (2001)

Above, Ruth Sewlyn's creation Lizzy the Lezzy, and Teresa Chandler & Karen Ripley's tape

Below, Jamie Anderson and Ann Reed, and Rhythm Method


Ellen Degeneres, Georgia Ragsdale, and Suzanne Westenhoefer


Below, from New Zealand, The Bidngi Birds and The Topp Twins


Robin Greenspan and Lea DeLaria

Above, one of THE best comic song CDs, by Monica Grant

Below, Phranc and Alison Farrell; and Julie Goldman's creation Indigo Etheridge


The first album by Kate Clinton, 1982