Nov 2009
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Above, UK artist Clare Summerskill, and at right, Jamie Anderson's 1999 album

Part 4 -- 66:45

Clare Summerskill - Obvious Dyke (1999)
Clare Summerskill - Wedding Bells (2007)
Jamie Anderson - I Wanna Be a Straight Guy (1999)
Judy Small - Lesbian Chic (1999)
Hunter Davis & Cris Williamson - Arm and a Leg (1988)
Amy Boyd - Logo's One Night Stand (2008)
Ember Swift - Boinked (the Bride) (2002)
Elvira Kurt - from "Kitten With a Wit" (1999)
Susan Unger - Let's All Be Gay (2004)
Judith Carsello - Lezzie Queer (1981)
Anne Seale - Women, Womyn, Wimmin (1991)
Estrogen - Lesbian Time (2001)
Mara Levi - Homo Song (2006)
Wanda Sykes - Gay Marriage (2007)
Wanda Sykes - Las Vegas Speech (2008)
Portland Lesbian Choir - The Way I Want to Touch You (1992)
Therapy Sisters - I Need a Stalker (2002)
Derivative Duo - Eine Kleine Visit (1993)
Team Gina - Butch/Femme (2006)
Gretchen Phillips comments (2005)
Two Nice Girls - I Spent My Last $10 (1990)

Below, Judy Small CD and Hunter Davis LP, and Amy Boyd


Below, CDs by Ember Swift, Elvira Kurt and Susan Unger


   "Gay & Straight Together"

Above right, I have no photos of Judith Carsello, but she was on the "Gay& Straight Together" album; and below is Anne Seale's cassette tape...she went on to write lesbian erotica


Above, Estrogen's "Tales From Lesbianville," and "What Are You?" by Mara Levi


Above Wanda Sykes, and below CDs by the Portland Lesbian Choir, and The Therapy Sisters


Above, two by The Derivative Duo, and below, Team Gina and Two Nice Girls