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"Any Woman's Blues"
(Various Artists, prison concert, 1976)

With Gwen Avery, Linda Tillery, Pat Parker, Diane Ramsey

Note the liner notes say "selections on this album are taken primarily from that wonderful day."

One song each by Holly Near and Cris Williamson were included, though they were
not, I think, done at the prison concert. They were probably included
to help draw attention to the album. The Holly Near track is actually the identical
track from her early 1976 album "You Can Know All I Am." That track on
that album was a live recording, but was done at a cultural center. Cris Williamson's
song is a live track, which while I do not see it elsewhere, I still believe it to be from another source,
as in an interview Gwen told me she did not remember Cris or Holly being at the concert,
which she certainly would, as she much respected them.