Buena Vista Gallery
Most group photos and flyers courtesy of Richard Dworkin's flickr pages

Band Members

Terry Hutchison, vocals (died 7/23/11, age 61)
Michael Gomes (Gomer), vocals (died 2/26/86, age 36)
Kenny Ross, vocals (deceased)
Nathan Woodruff, vocals
Michael Overstreet, vocals (deceased)
Naux (Juan Maciel), guitar (deceased)
Joe Johnson, piano
Freddy Gray, bass (is in the film Word Is Out), Andrew Brown's then boyfriend
Dickie Dworkin, drums
Paul Ferris, keyboards (straight, later worked with Terry doing cabaret)
Arthur Feinstein, horns
Rach Ztarr, or Rach Cztarr, horns (spellings vary).
Jon Raskin
Scott Davey, guitar (not gay)
Michael Allison, bass
Jon Raskin, later of Rova Quartet, saxophones

As with most bands musician line-ups changed frequently.
If you have additions or corrections please let me know.