Oct 2009
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Transgender Artists

Part 2-- 59:20

All The Pretty Horses - Falling In Love Again (1998)
Steven Grandell (Venus Demars) Interview (1998)
All The Pretty Horses - Boys/Revolution (2002)
Venus DeMars - Electric Galaxy (2006)
Steven Trask comments (1999)
Hedwig & the Angry Inch - Angry Inch (1999)
Lisa Jackson & Girl Friday - Is She a Girl (2006)
Lisa Jackson comments (2004)
Lisa Jackson - Fabulously Done (2003)
Katastrophe - Big Deal (2008)
Red Durkin - Straighttohell (2008)
Alex Davis - If Only You Were a Boy (2008)
Our Lady J - A Picture of a Man (2009)
Meryn Cadell - The Sweater (1992)
Ceremony (Chaz Bono) - Could've Been Love (1993)
Jennifer Leitham - Something's Coming (2009)
Jennifer Leitham - Ghost (2009)


Left, Venus DeMars, nee Steven Grandell of All the Pretty Horses


1998 CD    2002 CD    

2006 CD


Steven StraskJohn Cameron Mitchell

"Hedwig," created by Steven Trask and John Cameron Mitchell


Lisa Jackson



"The Worst Amazing" by Kastrophe


Above, rapper Katastrophe and his new CD; and below, Red Durkin

Red Durkin

Alex Davis

Above, Alex Davis; below, Out Lady J

Our Lady J

   Meryn Cadell

Above, Meryn Cadell; below, Chaz Bono in Ceremony


Chaz Bono