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October 2010
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Part 1

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Part 1 - 57:13
Tiny Davis - Race Horse (1949)
Tiny Davis - Draggin' My Heart Around (1949)
Tiny Davis - How About That Jive (1949)
Art Rupe - comments on Alex Bradford (1998)
Alex Bradford - Too Close to Heaven (1953)
Alex Bradford - One Step (1962)
San Diego MCC - A New Song (1976)
L.A. Metropolitan Community Church - We Shall Overcome (1973)
Rev. Troy Perry and L.A. MCC Choir - remarks / One God (1973)
Washington DC MCC - Keep Walkin' (1991)
Washington DC MCC - Something Inside So Strong (1996)
Hank Theme Song (1965)
Dick Kallman - I Cry to the Moon (1957)
Dick Kallman - Say It Isn't So (1963)
Dick Kallman - You're the One (1965)
Coasters - Yakety Yak (1958)
The Ermines - Peek, Peek-a-Boo (1955)
The Flairs - In Self Defense (1956)
Cornell Gunter - Rope of Sand (1962)
Judy Reagan - Hollywood Haircut (1983)

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Above, Alex Bradford, and Below, the Speciality Recotds Story LP,
from which the Art Rupe comments were taken

Above, two historic vinyl recordings from the San Diego MCC, 1976
And the Los Angeles MCC, with Rev. Troy Perry, 1973
Below, Washington DC MCC releases from 1991 and 1996

Plus see my MCC Special Section to Download the two above, and More Information

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Judy Reagan LP

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