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October 2010
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Part 3

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Part 3 - 61:34
Sandy Beech - Leather Jacket Lovers (1960s)
Pansy Division - Femme in a Black Leather Jacket (1991)
Smokey - Leather (1976)
Maxx Mann - Leather Man (1982)
Dorian - Men's Room (1976)
Dora & Daserne - The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name (1972)
Everyone Involved - Gay Song (1972)
Steve Douglas - And the Boys Lazed on the Verandah (late 70s)
Lou Christie - And the Boys Lazed on the Verandah (1970)
Husker Du - Makes No Sense At All (1985)
Husker Du - Love Is All Around (1985)
Opal Foxx Quartet - Love Is All Around (1993)
Kit Kats - That You Love (1971)
David Clement - Old Men (1999)
David Clement - Angry Young Fag (1995)
David Clement - The Jeff Stryker Song (1996)
David Clement - Bound and Gagged (2002)
David Clement - Stupid (2002)
Curt Manly - Silence Equals Death (demo, 1997)

By Sandy Beech
Camp Records

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A friend of mine in Scandinavia researched Dora & Daserne for me (thanks, Moa!),
and found the following:
I did a search using the original Danish spelling of the name and found some
references in Danish. They are described as a gay band, and there’s a quote
from a magazine which translates as: “Most of the band members are gay,
and they’re the ones who write the lyrics and music.”


"And the Boys Lazed on the Verandah" by Steve Douglas and Lou Christie


Above, Husker Du and Benjamin Smoke;
Below, Patti & Ben, and Opal Foxx Quartet CD

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Above, Dave Clement CDs from 1995 & 2002

Above & Below, two Clement Cassette Samplers

Below, JD & David, June 2002

Below, David, 2010 FB profile pic


If you have Any info on Curt Manly, Please Let Me Know

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