October 2013
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okay, I'm not great at photoshopping...

It's been over eleven years since my last full interview with Jamie Anderson,
and now she that she has ten albums under her belt, and a brand new release,
it's time to highlight the new one, and of course dig into the old catalog as well.

Part 1 - 59:12
Jamie Anderson - Bellydancer (2013)
Jamie Anderson Interview
Jamie Anderson - For Love (2013)
Jamie Anderson - Dare (2013)
Jamie Anderson - Black and White (2013)
Jamie Anderson - Run (2013)
Jamie Anderson - Yoga Teacher (2013)
Jamie Anderson - The Dream (2013)
Jamie Anderson - The Boy Who Wanted to Fly (2013)
Jamie Anderson - Carla Williams Kissed Me (2013)
Jamie Anderson - No Closet (1992)
Deborah Bell, Lesbian & Gay Voices, KPFT radio PSA (1993)
Jamie Anderson - When Cats Take Over the World (1995)
Jamie Anderson - Menopause Mambo (2013)

Part 2 - 60:47
Jamie Anderson - At Karen's House (1993)
Jamie Anderson - Lezzie Boogie (1986)
Jamie Anderson - Wedding Song (1989)
Jamie Anderson - Dark Chocolate (1999)
Jamie Anderson - Her Problem Now (2001)
Jamie Anderson - Too Busy Being Blue (2007)
Jamie Anderson - I Wanna Be a Straight Guy (1999)
Jamie Anderson & Sapphonia, ensemble of the Indianapolis      Women's Chorus - Menstrual Tango (1998)
Jamie Anderson - Six Flags (demo, 2004)
Corvallis Women's Chorus - When They Know Who We Are (2000)
Jamie Anderson - Beautiful (2007)
Jamie Anderson - My Dad Loves to Sing (2007)
Jamie Anderson - Family of Friends (2001)
Syracuse Gay & Lesbian Chorus - No Closet (1995)

Jamie Anderson Discography

Heart Resort cassette 1986

Heart Resort (1986)
Closer to Home (1989)
Center of Balance (1992)
Bad Hair Day (1993)
Never Assume (1995)
Drive All Night (1999)
Listen (2001)
A Promise of Light (2005)
Three Bridges (2007)
Better Than Chocolate (2010)
Dare (2013)
Family of Friends - (1993, V.A. Compilation, co-produced by Jamie)

Closer to Home, 1989   Center of Balance, 1992 

Bad Hair Day, 1993   Family of Friends, 1993

Never Assume, 1995   Drive All Night, 1999

 Listen, 2001   

2007 CD

2010 5-song EP   

I had the pleasure of seeing Jamie at a conference held in Houston the weekend
of October 11-13, 2013, and the honor of serving on a panel on women's music
with her, and Bonnie Morris (see photo). The big treat was her performance
on the Saturday night, which at the last minute I talked Judy Woods into trying
to record on her Sony mini-recorder, in a very jerry-rigged fashion. It worked, though
in hindsight it was too close to the speaker...there was no way to test it at the time...
so some sounds are a bit maxed out, but hey, we captured an 80-minute show.


Jamie does a wonderful 6 1/2-minute "Women's Music Medley," which is at the 68 minute mark.

And, I might as well share the 2-minute radio PSA I created for the conference...


I've been promised photos of the concert, so stay tuned....:)