OutRadio homelink to Queer Music Heritage

January The Best of 2012, a very, Very subjective look, with an hour devoted to albums and another to singles & EPs, with (of course) some very esoteric choices. It's OutRadio's third anniversary show.
February Okay, the holidays are over and I'm back to rounding up new music for you.
This time there are 48 songs, by 41 artists, with 12 artists new to OutRadio.
March For March, in Part 2 is an interview with Amber Taylor of the band The Sexual Side Effects, and Part 3 is devoted to the music of the Celebrity Drag Queens of RuPaul's Drag Race.
April I've been chomping at the bit for the debut album by UK artist Matt Fishel, and I've got an exclusive interview with him to talk about it, plus two more hours of recent songs by GLBT folks from all over.
May Something for everyone. Four hours packed with 63 songs by 48 different GLBT artists, with 24 making their first appearances on OutRadio.
June For June, three more hours of music, including a special interview with singer / songwriter / composer Michael Holland. In Parts 1 & 2 you'll find 33 songs, by 26 artists, with 12 artists new to OutRadio.
July July brings three more hours of music, and I could not resist doing a salute to the music of Tony winner Billy Porter, packing in as many musical highlights as I could. And, in Parts 2 & 3 you'll find 33 songs, by 26 artists, with 17 artists new to OutRadio.
August For August, lotsa interviews: Tom Goss, Samuel Damewood (of the Nashville band Fuzz Face), Josh Duffy, and Mélange Lavonne...all premiering new work. Overall you'll find 33 songs, by 20 artists, with 11 artists new to OutRadio.
September For September I have a special interview with Levi Kreis, all about his new CD. And then on Parts 2 & 3 there is lots of new music. Overall you'll find 39 songs, by 30 artists, with 11 artists new to OutRadio.
October Here's 45 more songs, by 38 artists, 10 new to OutRadio...yeah, where do I keep finding them...:)
November Another packed 3-hour show, with: 46 songs, by 40 artists, with 16 of those new to OutRadio....where DO I find them...:)
December A special interview with Nathan Leigh Jones, about his music a career and it's the first in-depth radio interview about his coming out. Also, a 30-minute live performance by Summer Osborne, and much more music.
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