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August 2012

The Script & Gallery

JUHA - Be My Husband (2012)
Young Kaii - Hey Pretty Lady (2011)

I'm starting off OutRadio for August with two very out of the closet songs. This is JD Doyle and JUHA gave us his latest track "Be My Husband," and then Young Kaii sang "Hey, Pretty Lady," from last year. Those two artists are new to OutRadio but not this next one. Crys Matthews had an excellent CD last year called "Backroads and Driveways," and I can't believe she's got two new releases this year, so I'll play one from each. From the full-length CD "A Lesson Learned" is the title track, and from her EP called "The Izzle Ballads" is "Michigan."

Crys Matthews - A Lesson Learned / Michigan (2012)

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Okay, I had already finished writing the script for this show when I got a press release and download for a new EP by an artist going just by AG. It's an EP covering very early songs by The Beatles, and I think it's stunning. So I am making this show two minutes longer and I don't think you'll mind. By AG here is a bit of gender bending with the song "I Wanna Be Your Man."

AG - I Wanna Be Your Man (2012)

There'll be lots of variety on this show, and next up is Sean Kagalis with two tracks from his new EP "Legalize It."

Sean Kagalis - Legalize It / Forgive Us Our Trespasses (2012)
Norine Braun - 99% (2012)

That was Sean Kagalis and "Legalize It," and I've gotten to see him do that live, and he's quite a performer. Also from his new EP I played "Forgive Us Our Trespasses." I just love the production and harmonies on that one. And then I went to the new single by Canadian artist Norine Braun. She just sent that to me in time to slip into this show, and it was called "99%."

And here's another Canadian artist I love, Andy Northrup, and he's got a new CD called "Making My Way." I'm playing the title track and one called "I've Been Busy."

Andy Northrup - Making My Way / I've Been Busy (2012)

Yes, I've been busy fucking up. Can you tell this is an internet show? That was Andy Northrup, and his album has two versions of that one, the other says he was busy messing up, but you know, to me there was no decision in which one to pick.

I'm staying in Canada for another artist, Amy Campbell, and she's no stranger to me. I thought her last album "This Heart, This Highway," from 2008 was wonderful and am very pleased to now have her new one, called "Letters Home." From it are the title track and another, called "Gasoline.

Amy Campbell - Letters Home / Gasoline (2012)

Okay, one more Canadian, from Toronto in particular, and he's another artist I love, Kevin Wong. I'm pleased to share two tracks from his new CD "Songs from the Weekend." I picked "My Baby" and "The Crusader."

Kevin Wong - My Baby / The Crusader (2012)

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Again that was Kevin Wong from the CD "Songs from the Weekend." This is JD Doyle and this is just Part 1 of OutRadio. I'm going out with some dance music.

In 1978 the band Exile had a huge hit with the song "Kiss You All Over." Here's a definite redo of that one, by Joie Starr. And after her is Carl Man and a new single called "I Wanna."

Joie Starr - Kiss You All Over (2012)
Carl Man - I Wanna (2012)

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Veronica Klaus - Hunter Gets Captured by the Game (2012)

This is JD Doyle with Part 2 of OutRadio and that was Veronica Klaus, and to me anytime she releases a new CD is an occasion. From her new album "Something Cool" she gave us a very cool update of the old Marvelettes song "Hunter Gets Captured by the Game." Rufus Wainwright also has a new release and here's the title song, "Out of the Game."

Rufus Wainwright - Out of the Game (2012)
Austin Marolla - Closer to You (2012)
Jay Brannan - Beautifully (2012)

After Rufus Wainwright you heard Austin Marolla and the song "Closer to You," from his new CD "Real." And then that was Jay Brannan. From his CD "Rob Me Blind" was "Beautifully."

Now, on the something a bit irreverent, the new CD by The Kinsey Sicks…that description fits all of their releases, and this is their eighth CD since 1997. Now, remember a lot of their music is planted firmly in their cheeks, I mean, tongue in cheek. The new CD wears things on the right and is called "Electile Disfunction." You'll hear "T'aint It Love" and "Toucha Toucha Toucha, TSA Security."

Kinsey Sicks - T'aint It Love / Toucha Toucha Touch Me, TSA Security (2012)

It's difficult to follow the Kinsey Sicks, so I'm going in a different direction, with a band from 2006 who released an album that could have been done during the sunshine pop days of the late 1960's. San Francisco act the Whoa Nellies called their album "Sugar Coated Candy" and that song's an original but all the others were cover songs, and I thought the gender shift on the Monkees song "She" and the Hollies song "Bus Stop" were interesting.

Whoa Nellies - Sugar Coated Candy / She / Bus Stop (2006)

Keeping in the same vein are two songs that actually were from the 1960's. In 1968 real life twins Jerry and Jay Hopkins put out an album called The Twinn Connexion. It was a very vanilla poppy excursion in the land of flower power. It attracted a little attention, hey, it was #10 in Pittsburgh, but word got back to their label, Decca Records, that they were coming off as gay, and their career stalled. A bunch of demos were recorded the next year, 1969, that remained unreleased until 2010 and I want you to pay attention to the second song as it's one of those, and it's a very, very early song dealing with being gay. I've contacted Jerry Hopkins who told me the song was written in 1969 and is about a friend of his who got a letter from his parents telling him not to come home, because they found out he was gay. So, the first song is the hippy dippy "Oh, What a Lovely Day" and the second song, the quite serious "Letter from Dad and Mom."

Twinn Connexion - Oh, What a Lovely Day (1968)
Twinn Connexion - Letter from Dad and Mom (1969)

Sadly Jay Hopkins died in 2001, but I'm pleased to report you can find an excellent collection of their music on a reissue CD just called "Twinn Connexion."

I got an interesting CD recently by Manny Capozzi, called "Sometimes It's Funny" and I'm sharing with you two tracks from it, "Let's Get Fat Together" and "Fear Love."

Manny Capozzi - Let's Get Fat Together / Fear Love (2012)
David Clement - Force of D / Forever or So (2012)

I finished that set with two from the new EP by David Clement. The album is called "Pre-Fi" and you heard "Force of D" and "Forever or So."

In 2009 Diana Di Gioia released a delightful, and very out, CD called "Out Late," and she decided to go by that name, so this is her second album, going by Out Late, with Diana Di Gioia. It's called "Either or World" and here's the title track, along with the song "Long Day."

Out Late, with Diana Di Gioia - Either Or World / Long Day (2012)

This is JD Doyle closing down Part 2 of OutRadio with a song about the same-sex marriage law in New York. Here's Ken Dahl singing, and celebrating, with the song "Bells in NYC."

Ken Dahl - Bells in NYC (2012)

One Orientation - That's Makes You Homosexual (2012)

Okay, to appreciate that song you simply must see the video. It's a parody of the song by the boy band One Direction called "What Makes You Beautiful." Only this made up band, called One Orientation totally gayed it up, and expertly so.

I've been following this artist on Facebook for a while now, as he's been working on his first CD. It's finally here and I love his quirky style, as you might get a taste of on his song "Firecracker." His name is Stephan Nance and, by the way, the album is called "A Troubled Piece of Fruit."

Stephan Nance - Firecracker (2012)
Ian Axel - Leave Me Alone / This Is the New Year (2010)

Oh, I like that a lot. It's the album called "This Is the New Year" from 2010 by Ian Axel. You heard the title track, and before it, one called "Leave Me Alone." I'm going to bring the beat down a bit with two artists I heard live in San Francisco when I was there in June. By Jeb Havens is a new song, not yet released, called "Open Fields." And you might want to visit his site, Jeb's a hottie.

Jeb Havens - Open Fields (2012)
All My Pretty Ones - Arms of the City (2010)

Jeb & moi, SF, June 2012

I saw Jeb Havens sing at a showcase he hosts once a month in San Francisco, and one of his guests when I was there was Derek Schmidt, who has a band called All My Pretty Ones. From their eponymous EP I played "Arms of the City." When I was in San Francisco I also went to the Trans March, this was Pride Week, where I got to see Ryan Cassata perform, and I was quite impressed. I featured an interview with him on my QMH show last November but I never expected to see him live, and he handed me his new CD, called "The Rhythm." I picked two songs from it, the very political "Hands of Hate" and in a different vein "Beauty Like You (I Do)."

Ryan Cassata - Hands of Hate / Beauty Like You (I Do) (2012)
Girl in a Coma - Smart (2011)
Ochi - 2 Girls in Love (2012)
Tomas Bell - Satisfied (2012)

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The song "Smart" was from the 2011 CD "Exits & All the Rest" by the San Antonio band Girl in a Coma. And that soulful song about "2 Girls in Love" was by Ochi, and that's spelled O-c-h-i and her latest CD is called "Bare Essence." Tomas Bell finished the set with his song "Satisfied."

I did a blog this month on Austin artist Mike Burns, as I was just so impressed with his latest release. It's called "Chapter Twenty-Seven" and I want you to hear the tracks "The End Corporation" and "Now, About Us."

Mike Burns - The End Corporation / Now, About Us (2012)
Cheyenne Jackson - Before You (2012)

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And that was a new single by Cheyenne Jackson, called "Before You." And it has a very fun video.

This is JD Doyle for OutRadio and I'm taking this segment out in a much harder vein than I generally do, with two songs that have something in common, a transgender lead singer. In the first case is the band Against Me! They've had a bit of success since they were formed in 1997, by singer and guitarist Tom Gabel. Earlier this year he announced he was transgender and would be known as Laura Jane Grace, and it appears the band never missed a beat. I'm looking forward to their next album, which will be called "Transgender Dysphoria Blues," but for now I"ll play a track from their 2007 album "New Wave," called "Stop!" And following them will be a local Houston heavy metal band, called Project Armageddon. And why not? They fit this show due to the trans lead singer, who goes by Doomstress Alexis, and she sent me the song "Departure," from the album of that name.

Against Me! - Stop! (2007)
Project Armageddon - Departure (2010)


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