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February 2013
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Cheyenne Jackson - Don't Wanna Know (2013)

Cheyenne Jackson says he "Don't Wanna Know," and that song also has a very cool and very gay video. He's been releasing singles from his upcoming album and I can't wait to hear all of it. And I'm JD Doyle bringing you the February edition of OutRadio, with just bunches of new music by GLBT artists. Let's keep the beat going with an artist out of Sweden, with his brand new release, "When the Music Dies." He's Jonas Oakland.

Jonas Oakland - When the Music Dies (2013)
Mister Chase - Call Me Maybe (2012)

No, I'm not sick of that song, and that version was by Mister Chase. Up next are two more songs you will know. First is Aiden James and an interesting cover of "I Wanna Dance With Somebody."

Aiden James - I Wanna Dance With Somebody (2012)
Eli Lieb - Skyfall (2012)
Sam Sparrow - I Wish I'd Never Met You (2012)
Sam Sparrow - Black & Gold (2008)

After Aiden James you heard Eli Lieb and a cover of the song "Skyfall," and then two songs by Aussie artist Sam Sparrow, "I Wish I'd Never Met You," from last year, and from 2008 a big hit for him called "Black & Gold." And here's another Aussie singer, Elliot Hamilton Brown, who just reached out to me a couple weeks ago with some of his music. I picked the songs "Consumed" and "Yeah Baby."

Elliot Hamilton Brown - Consumed / Yeah Baby (2013)

Let's change genres now, as I want you to hear Corrine Curcio tell you about the "Last Train to Dullsville." And I believe that song was at least partly inspired by Dave Hall's 1999 song "The Mayor of Dullsville," so you'll hear that one as well.

Corrine Curcio - Last Train to Dullsville (2012)
Dave Hall - The Mayor of Dullsville (1999)
Dave Hall - Biff 'N Tony's Wedding (1999)

"The Mayor of Dullsville" was from Dave Hall's CD "Places," and I can't pull that CD out without playing "Biff 'N Tony's Wedding," so you heard that as well. That is one of the earliest songs in my collection about same-sex marriage. But here's a new one, by Kara Square. From her brand new release, "Love Songs for Everyone But Especially for Uke." Get it? They are all done on a ukelele. The song is "Heart Stopping Lies."

Kara Square - Heart Stopping Lies (2013)
Jen Foster - Venice Beach (2012)
Mister Ebby - Is This What They Call Romance (2012)

You just heard Jen Foster and "Venice Beach" and Mister Ebby, and "Is This What They Call Romance," both from 2012.

This is JD Doyle closing the first hour of OutRadio with another I think really cool song. I named Michael V Doane's CD "Little Kid" as one of the Best of 2012, so I want to share more of it. Here's "I Don't Wanna Lie."

Michael V Doane - I Don't Wanna Lie (2012)

Brandi Carlile - That Wasn't Me (2012)

This is JD Doyle with OutRadio, and that wonderful artist is Brandi Carlile, with the song "That Wasn't Me." I recommend you track down her video for it as it stars Kris Kristofferson; not too shabby. And here's a UK artist new to me, Gem Andrews, with "Stone Cold Floors," from her CD "Scatter."

Gem Andrews - Stone Cold Floors (2012)
Ruthie Foster - Long Time Gone (2012)

I've seen Ruthie Foster live and she's wonderful, and can sing anything and make you believe. That was, I think, a terrific job she did on the old Crosby, Stills & Nash song "Long Time Gone." Her new CD is called "Let It Burn." And here comes an Alan Cumming triple play, all from the soundtrack for the new film "Any Day Now." The first track is a too short cover of the old France Joli disco hit, "Come To Me." And then he goes on to "Love Don't Live Here Anymore," and then "I Shall Be Released."

Alan Cumming - Come To Me / Love Don't Live Here Anymore (2012)
Alan Cumming - I Shall Be Released (2012)

Very nice. I'm going a bit country now, with two songs from the new album by Michael West, starting with the title track, "A Fond Farewell," and then the song "Shine."

Michael West - A Fond Farewell / Shine (2013)
Ajay Chavez - Hometown Boy (2013)
Rev. Yolanda Mapes - We Are Angels (2013)
Andy Northrup - Making My Way (2012)

That was kind of a fun set for me to do, as I know all of those artists know each other and are friends. After Michael West was Ajay Chavez and "Hometown Boy," from his new release "Potholes on Tenth." Then we heard Roger Mapes, with a CD by his alter ego called "Rev. Yolanda's Country Gospel Kirtan." The song was "We Are Angels," and Canadian Andy Northrup finished things up with "Making My Way," the title track from his latest CD. And as some of those folks, maybe all, are part of the Bear Culture, this next song fits, and it's kind of fun. It's by Homer Marrs. From his new EP "Prom King" is "Bear411."

Homer Marrs - Bear411 (2012)
Anders Ponders - Cronus / Icarus (2010)

That artist calls himself Anders Ponders and I think his instrumentation is really intersting. You heard "Cronus" from 2010, and one called "Icarus," which is from his 2009 CD "Nodes of Overtones."

I'm going to slip in a very sweet version of a song you all know, done by Bobby Jo Valentine, from his latest CD "A Place to Belong."

Bobby Jo Valentine - Over the Rainbow (2012)

I'm ending with a live track, and it's by kd lang and is her wonderful cover of the 60's song "Johnny Get Angry." It's from the 2010 CD "Truly Western Experience, 25th Anniversary Edition."

kd lang - Johnny Get Angry (2010)

Comp 175

Logan Lynn - Do You Want Me or Not (2012)
Jeremy Gloff - Outsiders (2012)
Katrina Skalland - Kiss You (2012)
Tom Goss - Seems Like Yesterday (2012)

This is JD Doyle, and those four songs start off Part 3 of OutRadio. I put them together because they are all on a brand new and very queer digital compilation called "Comp 175 - A Benefit for Queer Programs and Services in the Pacific Northwest". And quite an effort it is. Coordinated by Logan Lynn, the comp gathers 45 songs by 36 artists or bands, making it quite a deal. I love the inspiration for the title. It's based on Section 175, which was a provision of the German Criminal Code from 1871 to 1994, making homosexuality a crime. Over 140,000 people were convicted under the law. So they are wrapping music around a bit of history. Again, it's called "Comp 175." As for the artists, it was hard to pick, but I went with Logan Lynn, singing "Do You Want Me or Not," Jeremy Gloff, doing "Outsiders," Katrina Skalland and "Kiss You," and lastly Tom Goss, with "Seems Like Yesterday." That happens to be from his "Turn It Around" album.

I'm going to a band now whose name of course I appreciate, Mattachine Social. They are from Portland, Oregon, and the song is called "Lovers." And by the way, it's also on "Comp 175."

Mattachine Social - Lovers (2012)
Plastic People - It (2012)
French Bird - Insomnia (2012)
Lucky Wonders - Thing About Leaving (2012)
Colonel Mustard - Gay Icon (2013)

Definitely some new sounds in that bunch, from all over. Second in the set was the French band Plastic People, and a song called "It." Then, ironically was a band called French Bird, but they are from Ireland. Their song was called "Insomnia." Then the Aussie band The Lucky Wonders gave us "Thing About Leaving," and Colonel Mustard & the Dijon 5, from Scotland, finished us off with "Gay Icon."

These next two tracks are by the transman spoken word artist Harvey Katz, who records under the wonderful name Athens Boys Choir. From his brand new CD is "The Tenth Letter" and "Pie and Passion."

Athens Boys Choir - The Tenth Letter / Pie and Passion (2013)
Pandora Boxx, feat. TimPermanent - I Wanna Have Some Fun (2013)
Dave Clement - Force of Destruction (2012)
Adam Shenk - Suitcases (2010)
Dudley Saunders - We Were Right (2012)

Another long and I hope interesting set. After Athens Boys Choir was RuPaul Drag Race celebrity Pandora Boxx, who got some help from L.A. artist TimPermanent on the track "I Wanna Have Some Fun." In the middle was Dave Clement from his EP called "Pre-Fi," with the song "Force of Destruction." Adam Shenk was next with one called "Suitcases." And Dudley Saunders brought it home with "We Were Right" from his new CD "Monsters."

Austin singer Lisa Marshall recently sent me her new CD, and I think it's very good, so I'm letting her close OutRadio for this month, by playing the title track "Stay Right Here."

Lisa Marshall - Stay Right Here (2012)