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The Script

Matt Fishel - Radio Friendly Pop Song

This is JD Doyle and welcome to OutRadio. And that was Matt Fishel and a track from one of my favorite albums of last year, called "Not Thinking Straight." The entire album is terrific but I picked "Radio Friendly Pop Song" to represent it. This is a special edition of OutRadio. It's not only my fourth anniversary doing the show, but as it is January, it's my Best of the Year Show. During the year I get to hear a lot of music by LGBT artists, so it is indeed difficult to narrow things down to the albums that will fit into an hour show. And, yes, this is a very, Very subjective Best of the Year list. And like last year I've broken it down into two parts, the first part for full albums and the second for singles, or songs that are part of an EP.

But back to the Best Albums of 2013, in my opinion, and again, Matt Fishel started us off, and I need to keep my talking down to fit in as many as I can, and that turned out to be 15 albums and, on Part 2, 15 singles. So I won't be giving a lot of bio information on the artists, but for many of these folks you can find that on my site, in addition to links to their websites. The songs on this segment are in no particular order, and next is an artist I've been following for many years, and he's one of just four artists who also made this show last year. He's Darren Ockert and from his album "Short Story Long" is the track "You Don't Know Me."

Darren Ockert - You Don't Know Me
Cheyenne Jackson - Don't Wanna Know
Allison Weiss - Making It Up

After Darren Ockert you heard Broadway and TV star Cheyenne Jackson, and now he has a wonderful album, called "I'm Blue, Skies." He released several great tracks from it leading up to its release, so I was already hooked, and that particular song, "Don't Wanna Know" has a very gay video. And then I went to New Yorker Allison Weiss and a track from her album "Say What You Mean" that I can't resist. So, you just heard "Making It Up."

This next album I didn't find out about until December, but it already gained enough respect with me to make this show. The band calls itself She N She. They call the album "Midsummer's Day," and this song, complete with the same-sex pronouns I love, is called "Pathetic."

She N She - Pathetic
Jenni Dale Lord - That Song
Melissa Ferrick - I Don't Want You to Change

Those two songs were a bit country, especially the middle one of the set. Texas artist Jenni Dale Lord released an excellent album just called "Jenni Dale Lord" and that song was called "That Song." Then Melissa Ferrick last year put out album with more of a country tinge than perhaps any in her long career. From her CD "The Truth Is" came the track "I Don't Want You to Change."

Last Spring Canadian Kate Reid released I think a wonderful CD, called "Queer Across Canada," and the premise was that she interviewed bunches of people as she was touring and then put their stories to music. The whole album was designed to be used in schools as an education device to reach kids on the subjects of equality and diversity. One of those mini-masterpieces was from the perspective of a young boy and it's called "Boys Who Wear Dresses."

Kate Reid - Boys Who Wear Dresses
Summer Osborne - As I Am

I got to see that artist perform live twice in the last year and I think she's terrific. Out of St Louis is Summer Osborne and that was the title track from her latest album "As I Am."

And here's an artist I think will be around a long, long time. From the latest CD by Spencer Day is the title track "Mystery of You."

Spencer Day - Mystery of You
Eric Himan - Red Hot Tears

Eric Himan is an artist I've been following for about ten years, and this August I got to present what I call a career interview with him, covering it all, and especially including his new release, "Gracefully." I had lots to pick from on that album, but decided on "Red Hot Tears."

The latest CD by Tegan & Sara has been very well-received and I agree with all the accolades, as I picked it as well. It's called "Heartthrob" and I kind of prefer the track "Closer."

Tegan & Sara - Closer

Another favorite artist of mine is Levi Kreis, and he's a delight to interview, which I got to do again this year for his album "Imagine Paradise." That's another release where it's hard to pick just one song, but I somehow did that with one I think gives the feel of the whole release, called "So Much Better." Oh, yeah, he's the only artist to repeat this year on my album list, last time for his album "Live, at Joe's Pub."

Levi Kreis - So Much Better
Cliks - Savanna

And that was a Canadian band called The Cliks, led by Lucas Silviera. The new album is called "Black Tie Elevator" and my favorite track from it is "Savanna."

This is JD Doyle getting to the end of my Best of the Year show for the albums of 2013, but remember on my website you can also listen to Part 2, where I do the same thing for singles. I picked a powerful song to close the segment. Once it starts it doesn't let go. The Brooklyn band The Shondes put out a terrific CD and here's the title track, called "The Garden."

The Shondes - The Garden

Eli Lieb - Young Love
Josh Duffy - Our Love

Thanks, Josh. And that was from an interview I did with him last summer. Josh gave us his single "Our Love" and starting us off was Eli Lieb and his single "Young Love." And this is JD Doyle welcoming you to Part 2 of my OutRadio show for January. It's my oh-so-subjective Best of the Year show and this time I'm honoring singles and songs from EPs. And I'm trying to keep down my talking so will go quickly to the next song. And it's "Stupid." Well, the song isn't, that's the title, and it will be on the next album by Australian artist Brendan Maclean.

Brendan Maclean - Stupid
Andrew Abaria - Kiss Me Till They Find Us

The song "Kiss Me Till They Find Us" was by a Los Angeles-based Asian-American artist named Andrew Abaria, who I've enjoyed following for a while now. As this show is for releases on singles and EPs that song fits. It's from his EP "We Are the Underdogs."

I've got a couple songs coming up that are more in the country vein, especially the second one. The first one, called "Cowboy" is from a self-titled EP by the band "Fuzz Face," who unfortunately have broken up. A pity, as I thought they were wonderful. And the second song is by Antigone Rising, who will tell us "That Was the Whiskey."

Fuzz Face - Cowboy
Antigone Rising - That Was the Whiskey
Tom Goss - Bears

And all three of those songs were delightfully out of the closet. "Bears" was by an artist I play a lot, Tom Goss. Here's an Austin act, Kari K & the Stonewall Riot. This song also won a RightOutTV Award, and it's called "I'm Not the One."

Kari K & the Stonewall Riot - I'm Not the One
Suzanne Nuttall - Trophy Wife

Canadian Suzanne Nuttall gave us her single "Trophy Wife," and up next are two with anthemic feels to them. First up is Samia and "We Have the Right."

Samia - We Have the Right
Michelle Chamuel - Go Down Singing

For those of you who watched the TV show The Voice in 2013, you saw Michelle Chamuel come in second, gathering lots of fans in the process. Her new single was just released, called "Go Down Singing." Up next is a very up song by Jonas Oakland, from Sweden, called "When the Music Dies."

Jonas Oakland - When the Music Dies

Now, if you've been listening to music at all this Winter, you've heard this song, as it's gone platinum, but not the version I'm going to play. The duo going by Great Big World are Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino, and they have the enviable position of being indie artists caught up in a sudden vortex of exposure and success. Last summer they placed their song "This Is The New Year" on the TV show "Glee" and now, being signed to a label, well, that got Christina Aguilera to hear the song "Say Something" and remarkably not want to just cover it, but to sing it as a duet, and it's a smash hit. But I'm playing their own version of the song. Again, it's called "Say Something."

Great Big World - Say Something
Tristan Jackson - Save the World Tonight

"Save the World Tonight" was by Canadian artist "Tristan Jackson." And I've got one song left. This is JD Doyle and I thank you for listening to my very subjective Best of the Year Show. Now, I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've ever included a song by a straight artist on my Best of the Year show, cause, gee, my whole purpose is to play songs Only by LGBT artists. And the only exceptions I make ever are when a straight artist has a song with gay subject matter.

I do a blog to accompany my QMH show, and last June I did an entry I called "The Most Important LGBT Song of Recent Years...Is By A Straight Guy." And it's true, "Same Love," by Macklemore & Lewis, with able assist by Mary Lambert, is an important record. Not only can I just not get enough of the song musically, its message went out much farther than any equality activist group ever could. It even made it to #2 on the rap charts and an incredible #11 on the Hot 100 charts, which I figure is the highest charting song with a message with a homosexual theme ever. The videos for it have been viewed over 125 million times, just amazing. So, I can't help but honor the song "Same Love."

Macklemore & Lewis, featuring Mary Lambert - Same Love