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July 2010 Script

Part 1

Jason Antone - Ooh Ooh Ooh (2009)

Welcome to OutRadio, and this is JD Doyle with my July show, packed full of all kinds of music by GLBT artists. Opening the show was Jason Antone, and the song "Ooh Ooh Ooh." That's from his 2009 CD "Start to Move." And here's another track from it, his cover of the song "Everybody Wants to Rule the World."

Jason Antone - Everybody Wants To Rule The World (2009)
Brian Kent - I'll Find a Way (2010)
Ernest Kohl - Wen U Dreem (2010)

Dance, dance, dance. After Jason Antone you heard two more excellent dance artists, Brian Kent, with his new single "I'll Find a Way," and the very prolific Ernest Kohl, who just sent me his single "Wen U Dreem."

Next I'm playing a set of four artists, and I bet you can figure out the connection. Starting off is Jim Verraros and "Welcome To Hollywood," from his 2005 CD "Rollercoaster."

Jim Verraros - Welcome To Hollywood (2005)
RJ Helton - Crazy (2004)

Following Jim Verraros was RJ Helton, singing "Crazy," from his 2004 CD, "Real Life." Figure out the connection yet? Here's the other half of the list, Clay Aiken, from his 2008 CD "On My Way Here," and the song "Ashes."

Clay Aiken - Ashes (2008)
Adam Lambert - What Do You Want From Me? (unplugged, 2010)

And that was Adam Lambert, and a toned down, unplugged version of his song "What Do You Want From Me?" And the connection is that all four of those artists were American Idol finalists who have since come out of the closet. Verraros and Helton finished 9th and 5th, respectively, in Season 1, in 2002, Aiken was runner-up in 2003, and Lambert was runner-up, and should have been winner, last year.

And before American Idol, in the UK there was Pop Idol, and the first winner of that competition was Will Young. Now he came out of the closet almost immediately after the season was over, in early 2002. He's had a very successful career over there, but is almost unknown in the U.S. From his 2003 CD "Friday's Child" is "Leave Right Now," which he sang live on this year's American Idol finale.

Will Young - Leave Right Now (2003)
Michael Feinstein - Pure Imagination (1992)

Very nice, hearing that song on those AT&T commercials so much made me want to include it on the show. "Pure Imagination," from the movie "Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory." Of course that wasn't Gene Wilder, that was Michael Feinstein, and it was the title track from his 1992 album.

Here's two more on the mellow side, first Brandon Anderson and the song "Lakeside" from his new CD EP "Space."

Brandon Anderson - Lakeside (2010)
Clay Callaway - Most of All (2010)

After Brandon Anderson, we heard a new single by Clay Callaway, called "Most of All."

Back in 1995, there were just not that many openly gay artists on major labels. Gee, there aren't that many now. The artist I'm talking about is Gregory Grey. He's from Ireland and his most acclaimed album was actually his third solo release, called "Euroflake in Silverlake." From it are "Lover, Brother, Friend," and the haunting song about AIDS, "Three Minute Requiem."

Gregory Gray - Lover, Brother, Friend (1995)
Gregory Gray - Three Minute Requiem (1995)

You may wonder, what's become of Gregory Gray musically since 1995. Well he's currently producing music under the name Mary Cigarettes. Here's a new one called "Burning Bridges That Never Mattered." I'm closing this segment with it, but please come back for more of OutRadio, and Part 2. I'm JD Doyle and here's Gregory Gray.

Mary Cigarettes - Burning Bridges That Never Mattered (2009)

Part 2

Namoli Brennet - Freedom Train (2010)
Namoli Brennet - Honeybee (2010)

This is JD Doyle welcoming you to Part 2 of OutRadio for July, and that was an artist I've loved for years. Her latest CD is called "Black Crow," and from it you heard "Freedom Train" and "Honeybee." And the last time I spoke with Namoli I asked her if she had any GLBT artist friends I should know about, cause, hey, I can't know about everybody, though I sure try. She did name one I had not heard, so I tracked down his CD and now you can hear him also. He's Nathan Duprey and from his 2004 album "Phoenix Rising" is the song "Rubberband."

Nathan Duprey - Rubberband (2004)

I had not heard of this next artist before I got her CD in the mail, but I'm pleased to know about it now. Jeanie Sliva is a new artist, from Dallas, and her debut CD is called "Truth Is…" From it is "Beautiful Girl" and "The One You Keep."

Jeanie Sliva - Beautiful Girl (2010)
Jeanie Sliva - The One You Keep (2010)
Toni Vere - The Girl Next Door (2010)
Toni Vere - 500 Miles From You (2010)

That was Toni Vere telling about "The Girl Next Door," followed by her song "500 Miles From You."

I just got this next track today, the magic of artists sending mp3s of their songs in an email. She's been called "London's favorite Tranny with a Fanny," and she goes by the name Holestar. The song is "Nylon Woman."

Holestar - Nylan Woman (2010)

I jump all over the map with music genres on this show, but let's go a bit country for the next two songs. It's from 2006 and was very inspired by the movie "Brokeback Mountain." Shawn Kirchner wrote the next two songs and his lover Ryan Harrison sing them. Here are "Meet Me on the Mountain" and "This Land of Yours and Mine."

Shawn Kirchner & Ryan Harrison - Meet Me on the Mountain (2006)
Shawn Kirchner & Ryan Harrison - This Land of Yours and Mine (2006)

Hee haw. Ryan Harrison singing lead vocals on the music of Shawn Kirchner.

I didn't mention that Toni Vere is a Canadian artist, and here's another. He goes by Enio and his latest CD is called "Immolate." From it is "Run Boy."

Enio - Run Boy (2010)
Daniel J Cartier - Pretty Boy (remix, 2007)

I followed "Run Boy" with "Pretty Boy." After Enio was Daniel J Cartier, and "Pretty Boy" is a favorite of mine of his work. Now, the original version was on Daniel's 2006 CD "You And Me Are We," and this was the remix edition of it.

I am sure enjoying doing by new show OutRadio, as I get a chance to bring back songs I love, like this next one, by Jesse Hultberg, from his 1994 album.

Jesse Hultberg - If I Can't Have You (1994)

That was Jesse Hultberg doing his terrific cover of the Yvonne Elliman hit "If I Can't Have You."

This next track is a brand new recording, of a terrific song by Scott Alan called "Blessing." He's described the song as a "brave plea for family acceptance." Broadway star Cheyenne Jackson sings it and all proceeds from iTunes go to the Trevor Project.

Cheyenne Jackson - Blessing (2010)

This is JD Doyle for OutRadio, and closing the middle segment of the show this month is an artist known just as Farrad, and from his CD from last year, "The Time Is Now" is the track "The Way U Do."

Farrad - The Way U Do (2009)

Part 3

These Instrumentals Are Gay. And that's the theme of this show. This is JD Doyle and welcome to Part 3 of OutRadio for July. On this segment I'm going to do something I've never done on one of my shows. The music on this entire segment will be comprised solely of instrumentals. Now, this has always been a hard genre for me to work into my programming, but that is certainly not because there are not talented artists and composers in our GLBT community. And another unusual thing about this show is that I'm not going to introduce each song. That's because I think, with this type of music, it would be disruptive to intro and extro them all through the show. The playlist and info about these artists are easily found on my site.

And, how did I pick these selections? Well, of course among instrumentals there are lots of genres: classical, jazz, folk, new age, bluegrass, blues, on and on. For this first stab at doing this I've chosen to keep sort of in area of ambient/electronica…I know, lots of grey areas there. So, here's a list of who you will hear: Davol, Amulet, Jack Curtis Dubowsky, Mark Barnes, Dennis Milone, K-Rakos, Michael & Spyder, Tony Barre, and, don't you love this name, Butt Boy. So, that's the last talking I'll do on this segment, hope you enjoy it.

Davol - Good Sign (2010) 1:24
Amulet - Skip Stone (2004) 5:46
Jack Curtis Dubowsky - He Rarely Appears /
In the Gutter / California (2009) 10:57
Mark Barnes - The Prayer (For The Cure) (2008) 19:00
Dennis Milone - A Day Far Gone (2000) 24:42
K-Rakos - Day Pass (2007) 29:11
Michael & Spyder - White Diamonds (2008) 33:20
Tony Barre - Stiff Proposition (2004) 37:56
Butt Boy - Swaying of the Succubi (2002) 45:47
Davol - Good Night (2010) 51:23
Davol - One Step Away (1990) 55:18