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June 2012

The Script

Adam Lambert - Trespassing (2012)
Adam Lambert - Outlaws of Love (2012)

That was Adam Lambert with two tracks off his brand new CD, "Trespassing." You heard the title track and "Outlaws of Love." The album debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts, and more than that, it became the first #1 album in history by an Out artist. Yes, folks like Elton John and George Michael had #1 albums before they came out, but have not done so after. This is JD Doyle with OutRadio for June.

It is no secret that I love Facebook and here's more proof that networking helps. Last month I played a band called Once a Pawn, and I always try to let the artists know I play them. It's just a win-win sort of thing. So I posted on the Once a Pawn facebook page, and that post was seen by Cory Andricks, of the band the Dumb Easies. He wrote me and sent some tracks from their new CD "Love Love Love." Here's the title track, and one called "Share Your Drugs."

The Dumb Easies - Love Love Love (2012)
The Dumb Easies - Share Your Drugs (2012)
Brett Basil - Lust Again (2012)
Blinded by Stardust - Can't We Just Dance Instead (2011)

Following The Dumb Easies were Brett Basil and "Lust Again" and Blinded by Stardust with their song "Can't We Just Dance Instead." Up next a track from Nedra Johnson's 2005 album, called "Ahha (It's Good Thing)."

Nedra Johnson - Ahha (It's Good Thing) (2005)
Reina Williams - Ooh Damn (2011)
Sugarbeach - Led Me To You (2012)

I seem to like everything by the duo Sugarbeach, and that was their latest single "Led Me To You." In the middle of that set was a song Nedra Johnson turned me onto. Reina Williams and her song "Ooh Damn."

Here are Andrea Bunch and Aerin Tedesco. They have solo releases on their own but for their 2007 album, called "Albedo," they were called Congress of Starlings, and the song is called "Fishing."

Congress of Starlings - Fishing (2007)
Carrie Ferguson - Girls Like Me (2009)
Mimi Baczewska - She's a Keeper (1995)

"Girls Like Me" was by Carrie Ferguson, from her 2009 CD "Riding on the Back of the Wind." And next that was Mimi Baczewska and "She's a Keeper," from her CD "For the Love of You," from 1995.

Here's a sweet song by Bobby Joe Valentine, from his EP "A Place to Belong." It's called "Better Together."

Bobby Joe Valentine - Better Together (2012)

Here's the new single by Cheyenne Jackson, from an album he's working on. And from hearing this song, I can't wait. It's called "Drive."

Cheyenne Jackson - Drive (2012)
Matt Fishel - Testament (2012)

After Cheyenne Jackson was another artist who, well, I just love everything he records. He's Matt Fishel and his new one, which has a very interesting video, is called "Testament."

This is JD Doyle and I think this is a nice way to close this segment. This past month we said goodbye to Donna Summer, and while I have a policy not to play straight artists, I can get away with it if it's a duet. And that happened to a very flamboyant artist named Prince Poppycock. In 2010 he was a finalist on "America's Got Talent," and got to sing with Donna. You'll know the songs.

Prince Poppycock & Donna Summer -Last Dance / Enough is Enough (2010)

Ian & Chad- Somewhere in the Middle (2012)

I love that one. It's by the duo Ian & Chad, and is from a compilation called "The Gayest Compilation Ever Made." That online CD was sponsored by the website, run by two women in Brooklyn. And this is JD Doyle with Part 2 of OutRadio.

I played this song on my April show and just have to bring it back. From the new EP by Darren Ockert is the song "The Rain from London."

Darren Ockert - The Rain from London (2012)
Gavin Creel - Radio Lover (2006)

Gavin Creel gets around. He's been in a bunch of Broadway shows, and that includes getting a Tony nomination for his role in "Hair." And he's released several albums. The song "Radio Lover" is from his 2006 CD "Goodtimenation." I've got one more by him, this time from an EP from 2010 called "Quiet." Here's the song "Green to Grey."

Gavin Creel - Green to Grey (2010)
Kat Devlin - Big Ivan (2011)
Kat Devlin - Unstoppable Force (2012)

I followed Gavin with a new favorite of mine, who I recently did a blog entry about, Kat Devlin. The song "Big Ivan" was from her EP "REM Cycle," and "Unstoppable Force" is the latest single from her next album, "12 Squares."

I guess I'll call this next genre Broadway songwriter…it's not necessarily music from shows, but the work of these writers often end up in shows, or on their own albums, or on compilations by various artists doing their songs. In this case Michael Patrick Walker, who wrote the musical "Altar Boys," released an album of his songs, done by others. The CD is called "Out of Context: The Songs of Michael Patrick Walker." I'll start with Cheyenne Jackson, singing "I Believe," and then I'll go to the song "Different Kind of Man," done by Telly Leung and Michael Arden.

Cheyenne Jackson - I Believe (2011)
Telly Leung & Michael Arden - Different Kind of Man (2001)
Chuck Coleman - Me and Gertrude Stein (2003)
Chuck Coleman - Mr E.M. Forster, Sir (2003)

You know how I found that last artist? It's a 2003 album and I'm kind of surprised it took me this long, but I was googling for songs about Gertrude Stein. So I found Chuck Coleman's album "People, Places, and Flings," and his song "Me and Gertrude Stein." And I also gave you by him another literary song, "Mr E.M. Forster, Sir."

Here's something a little different. I don't usually give you sections of a cabaret act, but how could I resist one with this title: "My Big Fat Proposition 8 Wedding." In it Tom Rocco takes you through the story of his life and relationship with songs spicing things up along the way. I'm going to jump right into the middle of his story, starting with the song "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You," and ending with "I'm a Woman." On that one his friend Kathy Lash steps in to straighten things up.

Tom Rocco - Can't Take My Eyes Off of You / I'm a (wo)Man (2011)
Fascinating Aida - Another Man (1987)

Of course that was called "Another Man." It was by an act from England, Fascinating Aida, and they qualify for this show because one of the trio, Adele Anderson, is a transgender artist. That came from the album "A Load of Old Sequins."

And here's a mellow song by Florida artist Richard Cortez. From his 2012 album called "[Rec]ord" is "The Poor Man's Love Song."

Richard Cortez - The Poor Man's Love Song (2012)

This is JD Doyle and I'm ending segment 2 with a bit of dance music from Sweden. The song is his latest and is called "Die from a Broken Heart," and the artist calls himself "Bimboy Boy." And why not?

Bimbo Boy - Die from a Broken Heart (2012)

Paul Jabara & Patti Brooks - Take Good Care of My Baby (1978)

That was Paul Jabara & Patti Brooks redoing Bobby Vee's classic "Take Good Care of My Baby." Okay, confession time, two confessions actually. When I was in high school I had a crush on Bobby Vee. And, much later when that disco version was released, with Paul Jabara and Patti Brooks, well, while driving the car I used to play that song and sing along at the top of my voice. And sometimes I even took Paul's part. This is JD Doyle with the final segment of OutRadio for June.

You know, I fear some out there may not know much about Paul Jabara. He died of AIDS in 1992 and left behind an amazing list of hit songs. Now he did have some solo albums but it was the hits by others that made history. For example, in 1979 he won both a Grammy and an Academy Award for the song "Last Dance," recorded by Donna Summer. And her duet with Barbra Streisand of "Enough Is Enough" hit #1. If that wasn't enough he and Paul Shaffer wrote "It's Raining Men." His third album was called "The Third Album," and I love that its cover was a direct tribute to the cover of Barbra Streisand's "The Third Album." So, here's one more song including Donna Summer. Paul sings "Foggy Day" and Donna joins him on "Never Lose Your Sense of Humor."

Paul Jabara & Donna Summer - Foggy Day / Never Lose Your Sense of Humor (1979)

Okay, where do I go from here? How about someone else that started making hits in the 70's, and he's never stopped. Desmond Child is one of our biggest hitmakers, with his songs selling over 300 million. I'll mention just a few, Ricky Martin's "Livin' La Vida Loca," a number of hits for Paul Stanley and Kiss, and Cher's "We All Sleep Alone." Both Cher and he recorded the one I picked, as did my 1960's favorite Ronnie Spector. It's "Love on the Rooftop."

Desmond Child - Love on the Rooftop (1991)
David Lasley - Where Does That Boy Hang Out? (1984)
David Lasley - Joey (I Believe in Our Love) (2001)

That second song, "Where Does That Boy Hang Out?" was recorded by Taylor Dayne, but I'm more interested in the writer, David Lasley, who sang that one in 1984 and the other I played, "Joey (I Believe in Our Love)." Now, you may not know his name but you have heard his voice, countless times. For over the last 30 years he's been a prolific background vocalist on the albums of James Taylor, Bette Midler, Bonnie Raitt, Luther Vandross, Aretha Franklin, Joni Mitchell, Cher, and on and on. By the way "Joey" was from David Lasley's 2001 album "Expectations of Love." Up next, the Indigo Girls.

Indigo Girls - Midnight Train to Georgia / Closer to Fine (1995)
Nancy Scott & The Therapy Sisters - Hand Made Love (1989)
Amy Ray - Little Revolution (2012)

The Indigo Girls, live, on the 1995 double CD "1200 Curfews," doing "Midnight Train to Georgia" and "Closer to Fine." And they were followed by a song you won't hear on broadcast radio, "Hand Made Love," from the 1989 album "Nancy Scott Live, with The Therapy Sisters." And then, back to one of the Indigo Girls, Amy Ray, and "Little Revolution," from her new album "Lung of Love."

And here's a UK artist, Alex Parks. In 2003 she won the TV singing competition Fame Academy. Her debut album, called "Introduction" went double platinum in the UK and two of the singles from it made the top 20 there, including this one, "Cry."

Alex Parks - Cry (2003)
Saddle of Centaur - 90210 (2012)
Saddle of Centaur - She Wown't It (2012)

I think that band tells you just what it thinks. They are called Saddle of Centaur and those two tracks are from their brand new CD "Boobsboozegun." And, on the cover is a cartoon centaur with all three of those things.

Again, this is JD Doyle thanking you for joining me on OutRadio, as I share with you GLBT artists from many musical genres. I'm closing with an English jazz vocalist I think is just excellent, Ian Shaw. I have a number of his albums and this time I took a track from one from 2003 called "A World Still Turning." It's the Randy Newman song "Guilty."

Ian Shaw - Guilty (2003)


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