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May 2012

The Script

Romanovsky & Phillips - Give Me a Homosexual (1988)

Yes, "Give Me a Homosexual," one of the many queer anthems by the duo Romanovsky & Phillips, that one being from their 1988 album "Emotional Rollercoaster." They are musical heroes of mine.

For almost two decades, they were one of the most prolific acts of gay & lesbian music, releasing a total of eight albums. And these albums gave us over a hundred songs that, in a way, chronicled gay culture in the 80s and 90s. Looking back at it now, I think their music was pure activism. As I often have said, they wrote the soundtrack of our lives. Leading off with one of their songs on the show this month is a tip of the hat to them, as it was thirty years ago, in 1982 that they began performing together. This is JD Doyle for OutRadio, and yes, this show is intended to showcase new and recent music, so I'm going right to a song set to be released this month. It's by Sean Chapin, an artist in San Francisco. I think he is amazing in the way he uses music and video as a form of activism. His latest song is dedicated to and was inspired by Harvey Milk, and is called "I Have Tasted Freedom."

Sean Chapin - I Have Tasted Freedom (2012)
Boys Entrance - Give 'Em Hope (2010)

That was another song honoring Harvey Milk, appropriate as May 22nd would have been his seventy-second birthday. In 2010 I did an entire edition of my other show, Queer Music Heritage, devoted to songs inspired by Harvey, and that song is special to me. One of my artist friends who I much respect is Tim Cain. He was the founder of Chicago's first queer boy rock band, called Boys' Entrance. When I started working on that show it occurred to me that, well, he's written so many political songs, he might have one about Harvey Milk, so I wrote and asked him that. He said he didn't but he would write me one, and it happened, and I was thrilled. He wrote it with Brett Basil, another artist I've played on this show, and the song was called "Give 'Em Hope."

I think this next act is very cool. They are from the UK and call themselves Band of Bears. You're about to hear "Dancing with My Bear," and "You're Telling Me Lies."

Band of Bears - Dancing with My Bear (2010)
Band of Bears - You're Telling Me Lies (2010)
Matt Ryanz - I'll Keep Waiting (2010)
Danny Rose - What Are We Waiting For (2012)

"What Are We Waiting For?" Indeed, that's by L.A. artist Danny Rose, and in between him and those bears I slipped in Matt Ryanz, I don't think Matt would mind, and his song "I'll Keep Waiting." A change of pace now. I recently got to see Kiya Heartwood and Miriam Davison, also known as Wishing Chair, in concert and I always love that. I've known them a long time and they are always excellent. Kiya has a solo album out now, called "Bold Swimmer," and one of its songs is "Change (Is Gonna Come)."

Kiya Heartwood - Change (Is Gonna Come) (2012)
Big Bad Gina - Amazon Warrior Princess (2011)
Big Bad Gina - Hey, Goddess (2011)
Big Bad Gina - Butch Wytch (2011)

When I saw Kiya Heartwood, during intermission I asked her if she could name any new lesbian acts I may not have heard of. And indeed she could. Those last three songs were by an Arkansas band called Big Bad Gina. They have two recent CDs and from the first, "Amazon Warrior Princess" was the title track and another called "Hey, Goddess." From their new one, "Lake of Dreams" was "Butch Wytch."

I'm going to slip in a short little song by a New York City artist who has a quirkly style I just love. Here's Robert German and "Flapjacks."

Robert German - Flapjacks (2012)

Here's another new release, by a duo calling themselves The Lovebirds. Their CD has the amusing title of "Nutsy Pants," and I quite like their sound. I picked the songs "Beautiful" and "Oh My."

The Lovebirds - Beautiful / Oh My (2012)
The Lucky Wonders - Nullarbar / I Feel Fine (2010)

And that last act was The Lucky Wonders, from Australia and from their 2010 album "Thirteen O'Clock" were the songs "Nullarbar" and "I Feel Fine." This is JD Doyle closing Part 1 of OutRadio, but there's lots more to come. Taking us out is a song you've heard before, that is, if you've had the TV on in the last year and have heard any Citibank commercials. I didn't know who or what it was until I heard the first track of the brand new live EP by an artist just going by the name LP. Here's "Into the Wild."

LP - Into the Wild (2012)

Randal Branham - Man to Man / Last Hour (2011)

Very nice, "Man to Man" and "Last Hour" by Randal Branham, from his live album from last year. And this is JD Doyle with Part 2 of OutRadio for May, and we're going to stay a bit mellow for the next few minutes, as here are songs from two CDs I quite like. First, and this is where networking helps again, one of my internet friends, Howard Stump, does an excellent blog, called "Soundtrack of My Day," and he features a lot of new music from mostly gay artists. And from reading his blog a while now, I know he has similar tastes to mine so when he wrote about this next artist I checked him out, and was very pleased. He's Andy Units and his debut album is "Night Light." And I'm sharing three songs from it: "Fun," "In the Night" and "Sea of Stars."

Andy Units - Fun / In the Night / Sea of Stars (2011)

Andy Units is out of Austin, and this next artist is in Chicago. He's Ian Wilson and his brand new CD is called "This Is Water." A little while after he sent me his CD he wrote to make sure I got it, and find out what I thought. I asked him if there are any tracks he would prefer I play, and he said folks seem to be reacting nicely to the songs "Resurrection Ship" and "Made." Glad he helped me out, as I wrote him back that, gee, I kind of consider the entire CD a work of art and would not be able to choose. Here's Ian Wilson.

Ian Wilson - Resurrection Ship / Made (2012)

Again, that was Ian Wilson, from his new CD "This Is Water." I was really pleased when I heard about this next CD. Now, if you've listened to my show at all you know I love to give exposure to transgender artists and I have so many favorites. Well, this CD is a live concert featuring several of the ones I already love. The album is called "Three Guys Six Strings." Now, I'm not sure how it got that name, as the concert was by five guys, including the host Josh Klipp. He introduced Storm Florez, Alex Davis, Joe Stevens, and this artist, Eli Conley. Eli released a CD of his own last year, but of course I went to one of the songs not on it, called "What Is It About Me."

Eli Conley - What Is It About Me (2012)
Alex Davis - Go On Home (2012)
Joe Stevens - Daughterson (2012)

After Eli Conley was Alex Davis, singing "Go On Home" and a very favorite of mine, Joe Stevens, doing "Daughterson."

I like me some piano driven songs, and perfect for that is Todd Alsup. His latest CD is his first full length one. He had an EP a couple years ago, and I can really see a lot of growth, so I'm giving you an extended set, of the songs "I Feel," "It's Always Monday" and "The Only Thing."

Todd Alsup - I Feel / It's Always Monday / The Only Thing (2011)

And his album is just called "Todd Alsup." Oh, and he's also just released a remix single of that last one, "The Only Thing," if you're into that sort of thing. And if Todd Alsup made you think of an up to date Billy Joel, this next act does a Billy Joel tribute. They are the UK boy band the Overtones, and rumor has it several of the members are gay. And, please notice the almost nude photo I found of the band. From 2011 is the song "The Longest Time."

Overtones - The Longest Time (2011)
Righteous Mothers - Haagen Dazs (1986)

From one throw back song to another. That was The Righteous Mothers, praising the glories of "Haagen Dazs," done 60's style, from their 1986 album "Stand Up." This is JD Doyle and closing Part 2 is an artist who made my January Best of the Year show the last two years in a row. So I was quite pleased when he sent me his brand new single. He's Kevin Wong, and the song is called "Underground."

Kevin Wong - Underground (2012)

Michelle Citrin - Coffee / Someday (2011)
Arro Verse - Love Follows Me (2012)

Part 3 of the show opens with Michelle Citrin, an artist I saw at SXSW in March. She's from Brooklyn and her CD is called "Left Brained Right Hearted." You heard "Coffee" and "Someday." Also in that opening set was Arro Verse with her brand new single, "Love Follows Me." She sent me that advance track just in time to make this show.

Up next is Josey Greenwell, and it appears he's switched from country to dance, with his latest single "Stuck in My Head."

Josey Greenwell - Stuck in My Head (2012)
Will Young - Losing Myself (2012)
The Swimmingpools - Looking for Love in the Dark (2012)
Scissor Sisters - Only the Horses (2012)

After Josey Greenwell was UK hitmaker Will Young, and "Losing Myself," and then a duo who are partners in love and music, the Swimmingpools, who sang "Looking for Love in the Dark." And I think they were looking in the '80's. Closing that set was "Only the Horses," the latest single by the Scissor Sisters.

And here comes a bit of queercore from Nebraska. Who would have dreamed?

Once a Pawn - About a Girl (2011)
Deli Sub the Femme Cub - Gender Fierce Anthem (2011)
Kat Devlin - Song from Shannon (2010)
Brett Basil - Room for Me (2012)

Okay, an interesting set. The queercore band from Nebraska calls themselves Once a Pawn, I think a cool name, and their song was called "About a Girl." Next was Deli Sub the Femme Cub, and that song was "Gender Fierce Anthem." Both of those were from 2011. Kat Devlin gave us "Song from Shannon," from her 2010 album "The Voyage Out," and I finished up with a new demo by Brett Basil, and it was called "Room for Me."

Up next, a bit of jazz, starting with Steve Santoro and the song "He Don't Know." It's from his 2007 CD "Where I Come From."

Steve Santoro - He Don't Know (2007)

And, these next two song are very well done. Ian Shaw is UK jazz artist, and his 2006 album was called "Drawn to All Things: The Songs of Joni Mitchell." From it are "A Case of You" and "River."

Ian Shaw - A Case of You / River (2006)

This is JD Doyle, ready to close Part 3 of OutRadio, and I'm doing it with Aussie artist Brendan Maclean. I played him last month and there's so much more to share. This time the songs "Practically Wasted" and "OnlyOnly."

Brendan Maclean - Practically Wasted / OnlyOnly (2010/2012)


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