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Eric Himan - Running / Keep Connected (2013)

This is JD Doyle and that was a great way to start off OutRadio for May, with two new songs by Eric Himan. You heard the tracks "Running" and "Keep Connected." And this is my first four-hour OutRadio show since December. I try to keep it to three but just had way too much I wanted to share with you. And I think you'll like this next one, "Love Is Love," by Brooklyn singer Ariana Castelli.

Ariana Castelli - Love Is Love (2012)
Saturn - It Gets Better (2013)

That was an artist going by Saturn and a track called "It Gets Better." And we're gonna dance for a few more moments. Del Marquis of the band Scissor Sisters just released his own project, under the name Slow Knights, and for the song "Under Attack" he got Rod Thomas to do guest vocals. I love Rod's music, which he does under the name Bright Light Bright Light. So I'm going to follow with a track of his own.

Slow Knights - Under Attack (2013)
Bright Light Bright Light - A New Word to Say (2012)
Matt Ryanz - It's Never Enough (2012)
Mark Ortega - Boystown (2012)

Dance, Dance, Dance. After the Slow Knights was Bright Light Bright Light and "A New Word to Say," then Matt Ryanz and "It's Never Enough," and finally, one called, you guessed it, "Boystown," by Mark Ortega.

And I just found out that this next artist qualified for this show. And by "qualified" I mean that to get on my radio shows you can be a straight person singing about something gay, or, 99% of the time, you have to be an openly GLBT artist. Here's the discovery. How many of you have seen the film "Rocky Horror Picture Show"? Raise your hands. Okay, that's pretty much all of you, so remember the character Riff Raff. He was really Richard O'Brien, who wrote the book, music and lyrics for the whole show, and should be a zillionaire by now. Well, in a brand new article about him he said he considers himself 70% male and 30% female, and it shows him decked out in a tight skirt and heels. That works for me, he gets on this show. I found a 1999 album by him called "Absolute O'Brien" and here are two tracks from it, "Rhythm of the Heartbeat," and "Running With the Noisy Boys."

Richard O'Brien - Rhythm of the Heartbeat (1999)
Richard O'Brien - Running With the Noisy Boys (1999)
Cliks - Stop Drinking My Wine (2013)

And the Cliks finished up a short trans set, with a single from their upcoming album, called "Stop Drinking My Wine." An artist going by QueenEarth sent me some music this month, and I think you'll like it. From an EP from 2010 called "Introducing...QueenEarth" are the tracks "Not the Same" and "At Least I Stand."

Queen Earth - Not the Same / At Least I Stand (2010)
Delicata - Please Don't Leave (2013)

That was Delicata and "Please Don't Leave," from her new release "Love, Tears & Lemonade." This is JD Doyle and, gosh, this went fast, so closing out Part 1 of OutRadio are two tracks from the new CD "Heartthrob." It's by Tegan and Sara and has been getting a lot of attention, and well it should. Here are "Love They Say" and "Drove Me Wild."

Tegan & Sara - Love They Say / Drove Me Wild (2013)


K Anderson - 14 Year Old Me (2013)

This is JD Doyle with Part 2 of OutRadio, and I'm quite fond of the music of that artist. He's from the UK and goes by K Anderson. And "14 Year Old Me" will be on his next CD, and I'm happy he shared an advance copy with me. And I'm always very pleased to find out about local Houston talent, and Jess Walker has plenty of that. On her 2012 single "Bones" she got the help of another artist called Zahi, and she's by herself on her new one, "First & Last."

Jess Walker feat. Zahi - Bones (2012)
Jess Walker - First & Last (2013)
Tim'm T West & Sun Rae - Male (2013)

And there was a lot packed into that song. That was "Male" by Tim'm T West and guest artist Sun Rae.

Time for a quick history lesson, prompted by the recent death, which some are celebrating, of Margaret Thatcher. Section 28, also called Clause 28 was passed during her reign, and it vaguely outlawed the promotion of homosexuality in the UK. And I use the word 'vaguely' as it led to a lot of controversy. It meant schools could not discuss it, and homosexuality was officially frowned on. The law was finally overturned in 2003, but I want to share two songs that talk about it. First, a recent song by Grace Petrie, called "Farewell to Welfare" mentions Section 28 right off the bat.

Grace Petrie - Farewell to Welfare (2010)
Boy George - No Clause 28 (1988)

And I followed Grace Petrie with probably the most known song to broach the subject, done by Boy George in 1988 and called "No Clause 28." Up next, a new track from the group Naked Highway. It's called "Cause This."

Naked Highway - Cause This (2013)
Foxx Jazell - Elevation (2013)

And that was a new single by trans artist Foxx Jazell, called "Elevation." Onto a different genre, by an artist I got to see in house concert format a few weeks ago, and loved it. From the CD "The Scenic Route" are the songs "Love Looks Good on Me" and a cover of "True Colors." Here's Summer Osborne.

Summer Osborne - Love Looks Good on Me / True Colors (2012)
Sonia - The Banker (2013)

And that was an long-time favorite of mine, Sonia, and the song is "The Banker," and is from a CD to be released in September called "Broken Film." The song has become quite popular with the Occupy Movement, and if you were paying attention to the lyrics you can see why.

I'm not sure what this next artist's husband thinks of this song, but here's Roger Kuhn singing "I Wish I Were a Lesbian."

Roger Kuhn - I Wish I Were a Lesbian (2012)

Anthony Callea is an Aussie artist I like and he has a new CD, called "Thirty," as he is celebrating his 30th birthday. The first single from it is named "My All," and if you track down the video, he is shown at the end smooching with his boyfriend.

Anthony Callea - My All (2013)
Scottie Gage - Moonglow (2013)

Scottie Gage gave you that second song. It's his latest, called "Moonglow. This is JD Doyle, closing down Part 2 with a beautiful song, and it's by Ryan Amador and Jo Lampert. Now, I am also going to send you to watch the video to really appreciate the song, as it's what they do visually that puts across the message, about erasing bigotry and hate. The song is called "Define Me."

Ryan Amador & Jo Lampert - Define Me (2013)


Allison Weiss - Making It Up (2013)
Heads Hearts - In My Blood (2011)

This is JD Doyle and I started off Part 3 of OutRadio with two grabbers. First, from the new CD by Allison Weiss called "Say What You Mean" was the song "Making It Up." And then the UK band Heads Hearts gave us "In My Blood," from 2011. And those two songs should segue nicely to the new CD by Nicky Click. From "Metaphorically Speaking" is "I Want You."

Nicky Click - I Want You (2013)
Shawnee She King - Mirror (2013)

That was Canadian Shawnee Lynn Talbot who was leader of the band She King and now she goes by Shawnee She King. That was the new song "Mirror."

I had been wanting to see Cheryl Wheeler live in concert for a while, and it happened last month, and while I had heard that in addition to her wonderful music she was very funny, that doesn't do her justice. Her latest CD is called "Greetings from Cheryl Wheeler Live," and it is pretty much the same show I saw, so it was easy for me to pull off the track "Ghandi Buddha."

Cheryl Wheeler - Ghandi Buddha (2012)
Heather Peace - Never Been a Girl Like You (2012)

Another UK singer, that was Heather Peace and from her new CD "Fairytales" came "Never Been a Girl Like You." And, you know, I didn't intend this to be an all-woman segment, I just got on a roll. But I'm staying in the UK, for a male singer going by Mary Cigarettes. Now, some of you may know him more for the music he did in the nineties, under his real name, Gregory Gray. He wrote me recently that he really likes the work I do, and sent me two new and unreleased songs. So, here's "Middle Class White Trash Ways" and "Next Year's Ghost."

Mary Cigarettes - Middle Class White Trash Ways (2013)
Mary Cigarettes - Next Year's Ghost (2013)

And next is Justin Robinson, who was a founding member of the Grammy winning band the Carolina Chocolate Drops. He's out on his own now with a group called Justin Robinson and the Mary Annettes. The CD is called "Bones for Tinder" and you'll hear "Devil's Teeth" and another one...well, how could I resist a song playfully called "The Phil Spectors."

Justin Robinson & the Mary Annettes - Devil's Teeth (2012)
Justin Robinson & the Mary Annettes - The Phil Spectors (2012)
Kings - October / I Got Stuck (2012)

And that may have not sounded like a band from Brooklyn, but yup, it was, and they call themselves Kings. Their 2012 EP contained just those two songs, "October" and "I Got Stuck."

I was slightly disappointed when Dwight Thomas Vaughn sent me his new CD, and not that I didn't like it, I do, but I had just finished producing a special four-hour show on GLBT artists in Country Music, and had showcased about every recent artist I could find, as I had not done a full country show in about six years. And, gee, he missed being in that show. So, here are two tracks to start to make it up to him, "I Do" and his CD's title track "In These Genes."

Dwight Thomas Vaughn - I Do / In These Genes (2013)
Robert Gould & Rob Arbelo - Just Two Men Who Do-Si-Do (2013)

Well, those two are quite direct and even called their website They are Robert Gould and Rob Arbelo and they wrote and sang "Just Two Men Who Do-Si-Do."

And this artist has the right to sound happy. In the past 2-3 years he survived a huge tumor in his head, and the chemo that went with it. So he's back to making music and has a song in the count your blessings department. He's Jay Spears and the title track of his new CD is "We Are All Born Lucky."

Jay Spears - We Are All Born Lucky (2013)

This is JD Doyle and closing Part 3 of OutRadio this month is Canadian Andy Northrup, and a track from his 2012 CD "Making My Way." It's not ready for broadcast radio, and it's called "I've Been Busy."

Andy Northrup - I've Been Busy (2012)


Boy George - Same Thing in Reverse (1995)
Boy George - Unfinished Business (1995)

This is JD Doyle with the 4th and last segment of OutRadio for May, and as I played Boy George in Part 1 I got in the mood to hear some more. So I went back to my favorite album of his, and one that I think is very under appreciated. From "Cheapness and Beauty," from 1995, were the tracks "Same Thing in Reverse" and "Unfinished Business."

Last month I played a couple songs from the new CD by Freddy Freeman, a CD that is pointed right at the bear community. And this time I have two more for you. First, I was able to convince him to record the old Mary Wells song "My Guy," as no one had done it and it just needed to be done by a male singer. So I thank him again for that. And it will be followed by the CD's title track, "Just Bear With Me."

Freddy Freeman - My Guy / Just Bear With Me (2013)
Vontanner - Don't Laugh at Me (2013)

That tender song was called "Don't Laugh at Me" and Vontanner put together a very poignant video to help get across the anti-bullying message.

Tucker Finn - Almost Calling You (2010)

Canadian Tucker Finn gave us that song, called "Almost Calling You." It's from the 2010 CD "The Cup & The Lip." Now, I know her better from when she was in the band The Jane Waynes, and you might want to track down their CD called "Cowboy Songs." I played a cut from it on my QMH country show last month.

2018: Sadly, I report the passing of Tucker Finn (or Tucker Doherty). I quite liked her work
by herself with the Jane Waynes and did a short interview with her for Audiofile in 2005.

And from the new CD by Tylan, called "One True Thing," is the song "Bitter Glass."

Tylan - Bitter Glass (2013)

Up next, the songs "Bluest Man" and "Lucky" by another Canadian, Lance Vipond, from his CD named "Here."

Lance Vipond - Bluest Man / Lucky (2011)
Kurtis Simmons - I'll Breathe Later (2013)
Kyle Greer - Mother (2012)

After Lance Vipond I played Kurtis Simmons doing "I'll Breathe Later." That's from his new CD "Fraction of a Thread." And then I brought you the melodramatic song "Mother." That's from the 2012 CD "Skelton Key" by Kyle Greer.

I first heard the artist Adam Shenk on the soundtrack from the movie "Bear City," and they took a cut from his own album "If Ya Like This," called "Even So."

Adam Shenk - Even So (2010)
Daniel Robinson - Cinnamon Kiss / Savior (2012)

That set continued with Buffalo singer Daniel Robinson, and from him I chose "Cinnamon Kiss" and "Savior." I'm down to the closing song and I have an ulterior motive for choosing it. It's by Ernest Kohl and it's from his 2010 CD "Eternally." It's called "Just Look in Our Eyes." My reason for thinking of playing it was that I am also playing the song in my QMH show this month. Now, that show is my Michael Callen Tribute Show, and I thoroughly cover the music career of one of my favorite singers. Callen, along with Marsha Malamet and Elliot Sokolov wrote the song, as a ballad, back in 1989, and I play Michael Callen singing it. Flash forward to 2010 and Sokolov is producing the latest Ernest Kohl album and included many of his own songs on it. So, here's Ernest Kohl, singing "Just Look in Our Eyes," dance style.

Ernest Kohl - Just Look in Our Eyes (2010)