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November 2013
The Script

Kevin Wood - Hopeless Romantic (2013)

That was Kevin Wood with the infectious song "Hopeless Romantic," and that's a good way to start off OutRadio for November. This is JD Doyle and I've got a lot more to come, and we're continuing with UK singer Alex Woburn and "Understand That."

Alex Woburn - Understand That (2012)
A.D. Delory - Goodbye (2012)
Kari K & Stonewall Riot - I'm Not the One (2013)
Matt Fishel - Radio-Friendly Pop Song (2013)

And that was a stellar set, and here's why. All five of those songs were nominated in the RightOutTV Awards in the Best Pop Song category. And by the time this airs we'll know the winners of all the awards. It was an excellent year for the nominations, and as I was a judge, I know how good this competition was. I sure could not guess the winners, in just about any category. But let's get back to the Best Pop Song one, and the other tracks you heard were A.D. Delory and "Goodbye," local Houston act Kari K & Stonewall Riot doing "I'm Not the One," and finishing up the set the very catchy "Radio-Friendly Pop Song," by Matt Fishel.

Kari K & Stonewall Rio

I've decided for this entire hour I'm going to jump around to the different categories and pick whatever grabs me to share with you. Again, these are not predictions they will win, just that I want you to hear them. So, up next a single doing very well for Michael V Doane, called "Keep Running."

Michael V. Doane - Keep Running (2013)
Darren Ockert - You Don't Know Me / Crumbs (2013)
Corey TuT - Pretty Little Liar (2013)

Finishing up that set were two by Darren Ockert, and from his brand new CD "Short Story Long" I picked "You Don't Know Me" and "Crumbs." And Corey Tut then gave us one called "Pretty Little Liar." Coming up, an artist I've seen live and she's a very powerful singer, as you'll hear on the song "Battleground." She's Summer Osborne.

Summer Osborne - Battleground (2013)
Athena Reich - It's Our Time (2013)
Corday - Second Shot (2013)
The Cliks - Savanna (2013)

Following Summer Osborne was Athena Reich and her same-sex marriage song "It's Our Time," and then came Corday and "Second Shot" and The Cliks and "Savanna." And here's a Scottish singer I've liked for a long time, and she's another with a powerful voice. She goes by Horse and the song is "I Am."

Horse - I Am (2013)
Shawn Thomas - Separated (2013)

And that was Shawn Thomas and "Separated," from his CD "Voice of Worship." Okay, this is JD Doyle and that was Part 1, and all those songs were nominated for RightOutTV awards. You can see who won at their website and also hear all of the nominees. Closing us out is an artist I've known for a while, Saturn and his song was nominated in two video categories, and it's a quite sexy video and an excellent song. It's called "Top of the World."

Saturn - Top of the World (2013)

Click to see the Winners


Coleman Lindberg - First Avenue (2013)
Coleman Lindberg - 4 Inches Away (2000)

This is JD Doyle and welcome to Part 2 of OutRadio for November. I started off with the opening track, "First Avenue," from the new CD by Coleman Lindberg. The CD is called "Skylines," and then I couldn't resist also playing a track that, when you listen to the lyrics, I think is very sweet, about a boy with a crush on another boy, with the proximity of the other boy itself inspiring the song. He was only "4 Inches Away." For that one, I went back to Coleman's 2000 CD called "Boys." Up next is Sean Kagalis and a song from his latest CD "Working Parts." It's called "Way of Life."

Sean Kagalis - Way of Life (2013)
Ryan MacGrath - My Boyfriend (2010)
Ryan Amador - Skylark (2013)
Solomon - The Way We Were (2013)
Great Big World - Say Something (2013)

That last act is called Great Big World, and they usually put out incredibly catchy upbeat pop creations, but that was a very nice ballad, called "Say Something." So, let's go back and recap the whole set. After Sean Kagalis Ryan McGrath sang about "My Boyfriend," from the album "Cooper Hatch Paris," Ryan Amador gave us "Skylark," and from an artist just going by Solomon was "The Way We Were."

I'm going to change genres now, and get to some folk music. I've often been asked over the years what my favorite music genre is, and I usually reply by saying, well, folk is dear to my heart because it's the most political. And this next artist is a great example. She writes songs that really say something. Her name is Linq and her new CD is called "Disconnect." It was easy to pick the songs "Seneca Falls to Selma" and "Oh Bully."

Linq - Senaca Falls to Selma / Bully (2013)
Karen Kay Whitley - Would Jesus Discriminate (2011)
Automatic Shoes - Me Again (2013)

I followed Linq with two nice tracks. First, Karen Kay Whitley asked us "Would Jesus Discriminate," and then I played "Me Again," by Automatic Shoes, who is really the solo act Matthew Hughes.

I played London artist Alex Woburn on Part 1, but he really interests me so I've got some more by him, from his debut CD "Self-Therapy," starting with "Mr Plastic Fantastic," and then one called "Rock Star."

Alex Woburn - Mr Plastic Fantastic /Rock Star (2012)
The Feeling - Rescue (2013)

That was a UK set, and after Alex Woburn you heard the group called The Feeling, and their song "Rescue" from their CD "Boy Cried Wolf." And closing this segment a UK icon, Elton John, with an album many say echo back to his beginnings. The CD is called "Diving Board" and the song is "Home Again."

Elton John - Home Again (2013)

Part 3
Morena Roas - I Hope I Can Survive (2013)
QueenEarth - Supermodel (2013)

This is JD Doyle and now we're in Part 3 of OutRadio for November. I began with a Houston singer who I just met last month, but I've seen her perform a number of times locally. She's Morena Roas. She did the song "I Hope I Can Survive." I followed her with an artist going by QueenEarth. "Supermodel" was from her new CD "Adult Contemporary."

I love the idea and genesis of this next act. UK historians Ted Brown and Brett Lock began by giving lectures on gay and lesbian blues music, and singing a little to give examples. There soon was a demand for them to record the music, and Vinyl Closet went from being the name of an evening of entertainment to the name of their act, and I love that they did this. The CD is named "Pink, Black & Blues" and here are their versions of blues classics "BD Woman" and "Sissy Man Blues."

Vinyl Closet - BD Women / Sissy Man Blues (2013)
Katherine Cole - Hymn in E (2013)

Well, I think that was good place to put that song by Katherine Cole. "Hymn in E" is from her CD "There Is No God." I got an email last month from a listener who said, hey, want to be sure you knew about an artist from the Union of South Africa, singing an out gay song. Well, I'm glad to include it. He's making a splash there and was on the cover of their edition of Rolling Stone. He's Nahkane Toure and the song is "Christopher."

Nahkane Toure - Christopher (2013)
Hi-Fashion - Lighthouse (2013)
Maury Portillo - Be Yourself (2013)
Daniel Sobrino - The Power of Us (2013)
Wilson Knight - Stable Ground (2013)
Jonas Oakland - What Happens on the Dance Floor (2013)

Yes, that was a long set. After Nahkane Toure was Hi-Fashion and their new single "Lighthouse," followed by a new artist, Maury Portillo, who just goes by Maury, singing "Be Yourself." Next, that was Daniel Sobrino and "The Power of Us" and Wilson Knight and "Stable Ground." And lastly Swedish singer Jonas Oakland and I have a good relationship. As he releases new singles he sends them to me and I play them, and they are hard to resist. That one was called "What Happens on the Dance Floor."

JD Sampson of Le Tigre has a new act, called Men, and from the new CD, called "Labor" is the song "Neon Poles.

JD Sampson & Men - Neon Poles (2013)
One Large Banana - Cry (1997)

Earlier in the segment I played Vinyl Closet, and the bass player for that act is Bret Lock. He was also in a South African band in the late 90's called One Large Banana, and he wrote a song about boys falling in love which he dedicated to his then-boyfriend, and now-husband. Bret wrote me that the lead singer was straight but open-minded and had no problem keeping the same sex lyrics on the song "Cry."

This is JD Doyle thanking you for following along as I covered the waterfront of new music by LGBT artists. To close I've paired Scott Free, and his political song "Happy Pride Day Moscow" and UK punker Ste McCabe doing a song from his new EP single called "Bargains Galore."

Scott Free - Happy Pride Day Moscow (2013)
Ste McCabe - Bargains Galore (2013)