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October 2013
The Script

Jay Brannan - Du Hast Den Schönsten Arsch de (2013)

Now, how many people would start out a show with a one-minute song in German? That would be me, JD Doyle bringing you another edition of OutRadio. And who is the artist? Well, that would be Jay Brannan, and I'm a big fan. I think very few could get away with releasing a CD with most of the tracks being in foreign languages, but his fan base is so loyal, I think it will be just fine. The CD is called "Around the World in 80 Jays" and that song...okay, I'm going to massacre the German called "Du Hast Den Schönsten Arsch de," or "You've Got the Sweetest Ass." The CD is all cover songs and in languages including Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, and thankfully, some in English. Here's a couple of those. First, the Sinead O'Connor song "Black Boys on Mopeds," and then Gotye's hit song "Somebody That I Used to Know." got-ti-yeah.

Jay Brannan - Black Boys on Mopeds / Somebody That I Used to Know (2013)
The Young Professionals - P.O.P. (acoustic, 2013)

I followed Jay Brannan with the Israeli duo going by the name The Young Professionals, though they usually just use the abbreviation, TYP. That was Ivri Lider singing lead, and in 2011 they released a CD called "9am to 5pm, 5pm to Whenever." That was mostly an electronica recording and there was a track from it was called "P.O.P." You heard a new acoustic version of that song.

And here's Kurtis Simmons and a track from his new CD "Fraction of a Thread," called "We've Got Each Other."

Kurtis Simmons - We've Got Each Other (2013)
Romani Beau - Into the Night (2013)
Mark Eitzel - I Love You But You're Dead (2012)

In the middle was a UK artist, Romani Beau and his new single "Into the Night," and after that was Mark Eitzel and "I Love You But You're Dead," from the 2012 album "Don't Be a Stranger."

Okay, time to pick up the pace a little, with an act calling herself Saucy Monky, and from her new EP "Trophy Girl, Part 2" is "My Girlfriend Is Alcohol."

Saucy Monky - My Girlfriend Is Alcohol (2013)
Toni Vere - I Am Free (2013)
Kd lang - Help Me (2007)

I think that was an interesting set. After Saucy Monky was Toni Vere with her new single "I Am Free," and then you heard a nice cover version I just discovered from the 2007 compilation "A Tribute to Joni Mitchell." That CD was packed full of talent, like Elvis Costello, Prince, Emmylou Harris and that artist, kd lang, doing "Help Me."

In the UK in the early 90s there was a fairly popular alt-rock band called Kitchens of Distinction. From 1989 through 1994 they released four albums and then they disbanded, but as it turns out, not for good. Now, 19 years later they have a new release, which they named "Folly." So this will be a Kitchens of Distinction set. First, from their 1992 CD "The Death of Cool" I'll play "4 Men" and "Breathing Fear," and then the first track from the brand new one, "Japan to Jupiter."

Kitchens of Distinction - 4 Men / Breathing Fear (1992)
Kitchens of Distinction - Japan to Jupiter (2013)

John Grant for many years was leader of the band The Czars, but he's been solo for a while and now lives in Iceland. A track from his new CD "Pale Green Ghosts" is called "I Hate This Town." And it's not for broadcast radio.

John Grant - I Hate This Town (2013)

This is JD Doyle and closing Part 1 of OutRadio is Steve Grand. He came out in a big way a couple months ago with his song "All American Boy." He's got a second single now, with a feel good vibe and a gorgeous video. It's called "Stay."

Steve Grand - Stay (2013)

Darren Ockert - Crumbs (2013)

This is JD Doyle and I want to thank Darren Ockert for getting me a preview copy of his new album, called "Short Story Long." He told me I was the first to hear it, so I am honored. I've been a big fan of his music since his first release in 2005. I'll be playing more in the future but this time you heard the first single from it, "Crumbs."

I played some tracks last month from the new Cheyenne Jackson CD, and didn't have room for this one, though actually it's not from that album. It's a demo from a 2013 musical called "Boys Will Be Boys." He does a really nice version of the song "Giant."

Cheyenne Jackson - Giant (2013)
Declan Bennett - Falling Slowly (2013)

That was Declan Bennett, and regular listeners know I adore his music. I did a two-hour interview with him last November. Since then he's gotten the leading role in the London production of the show "Once, the Musical," and that was him singing "Falling Slowly."

Another Broadway actor/singer is Gavin Creel and he was a guest on a project called "Fugitive Sons: A Song Cycle." The composers, Chris Miller and Nathan Tysen got a few of their friends to sing on their album and Gavin Creel is on several of the tracks. Up first he sings "Getting There," and then Matt Caplan and Joshua Henry join him on "Kansas Highway Sky."

Gavin Creel - Getting There (2013)
Gavin Creel, Matt Caplan & Joshua Henry - Kansas Highway Sky (2013)
Robin DeJesus - Queen (2013)

Closing that out was Robin DeJesus and "Queen." That song was written by Blake Pfeil in honor of victims of anti-LGBT violence. Summer Osborne has a new CD, and here's the title track, called "As I Am."

Summer Osborne - As I Am (2013)
Mallorie - Imagine / Last Time (2013)
QueenEarth - All of Me (2013)

Summer Osborne started that set off and then San Antonio artist Mallorie gave us "Imagine" and "Last Time." And finally QueenEarth sang "All of Me," from her new CD called "Adult Contemporary."

Up next a brand new artist, with his debut CD. From Canada is Steven Taetz, that's spelled t-a-e-t-z. From the new CD are "Calm Before the Storm" and "Drive."

Steven Taetz - Calm Before the Storm / Drive (2013)
Ryan Amador - Redemption (2013)
Mike Burns - Said & Done (2013)

And in the middle was another self-titled CD, this time by Ryan Amador, and the song was "Redemption." And then you heard an Austin singer I've played often, Mike Burns. The song was called "Said & Done" and joining him on it were Jason Kraft and Joel Lamb. And Dan Paul has a new CD out this month, called "The Make Up." From it is one that has a very sweet video, "City Romance."

Dan Paul - City Romance (2013)

Again, this is JD Doyle and taking us out of Part 2 is another upbeat song, by an new artist named Garek. His video is very glam and the song is called "Save the Queen."

Garek - Save the Queen (2013)

Magnus Carlsson - Glorious (2013)
Daniel Robinson - Not Your Boy (2013)

Out of Sweden, Magnus Carlsson started us off, with his new song "Glorious," and next came Daniel Robinson. He's got a new EP called "Guesswork" and the song I picked is "Not Your Boy." This is JD Doyle welcoming you to Part 3 of OutRadio for October. I like this song quite a bit, and the song, and its charming video, are very out of the closet. It's by Paisley Fields and is called "Windows Fogged Up in Your Pickup Truck."

Paisley Fields - Windows Fogged Up in Your Pickup Truck (2013)
Kevin Wong - Thinking About You (2013)
Patrick Wolf - House (2011)

And that mellow song in the middle was a Frank Ocean cover, of the song "Thinking About You," as done by Kevin Wong. And then, well, I can't believe this is the first time I've played Patrick Wolf, as he's released a slew of recordings. But this time I picked "House" from his 2011 CD "Lupercalia."

I played UK artist Cat Chinn last month and I want to do that again, this time with her song "Bullet."

Cat Chinn - Bullet (2013)
Shondes - Nights Like These (2013)
Jungal - Dancer (2013)

After Cat Chinn I took a track from the brand new Shondes CD "The Garden," called "Nights Like These," and then I dug out an EP from an Aussie band. They call themselves Jungal and "Dancer" is from their brand new CD, "Leave My Head."

Another new artist for OutRadio, this time from London and her name is Miri, and the song is called "Red."

Miri - Red (2013)

I haven't done this in a while, here's a bit of instrumental electronica. The artist is calling himself Kro Nyzr and the song is "I Am Only Here to Validate Your Reality."

Kro Nyzr - I Am Only Here to Validate Your Reality (2013)
Naked Highway - Friends With Benefits (2013, David Lee Rotten remix)
Lime - Your Love (1981)

Well, the first track put me in the mood for more electronica, so I went to the brand new single by the duo Naked Highway, who I know are Sy Boccari and David Lee Rotten, and that was David's remix of their song "Friends with Benefits." Then, way back to 1981 for a hit by Lime. Now, Lime was a Canadian husband and wife act, Denis and Denyse LePage. They later divorced and Denis is now transsexual, which is what gets her music on this show. She's been doing limited releases under the name Nini Nobless. There are a couple tracks on her YouTube channel, including this one from 2011, called "Your Love Set Me Free / Never Let You Go."

Nini NoBless - Your Love Set Me Free / Never Let You Go (2011)

This is JD Doyle winding down OutRadio for October. And my research into the band Lime uncovered that early in Denis LePage's career, in 1979, he and Joe LaGreca recorded an instrumental hit under the name Kat Mandu. I remember dancing to it, and loved it. It was called "The Break."

Kat Mandu - The Break (1979)