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Part 1 - 58:23
Jeffrey Altergott - Resolve (2011)
Aluminum Group - Mattachine Society (1998)

That was Jeffrey Altergott and his new single "Resolve," followed with the song "Mattachine Society," by the Aluminum Group, from their 1998 album, "Plano." And this is JD Doyle, bringing you OutRadio for September, with just all kinds of music by GLBT artists. And where else would you find unreleased tracks by the 80's New York City band named 3 Teens Kill 4. I don't know that they have ever been played on the radio but am pleased band member Jesse Hultberg sent them to me. From circa 1984-85 are the tracks "Dishes" and "Fisherman."

3 Teens Kill 4 - Dishes (unreleased, 1984-85)
3 Teens Kill 4 - Fisherman (unreleased, 1984-85)
Jesse Hultberg - Constant Thing (I Was Raised a Straight Boy) (1994)

Closing out that set was Jesse Hultberg himself, and one of my favorite tracks from his 1994 solo album, called "Constant Thing (I Was Raised a Straight Boy). And, as a shameless plug, you can hear an interview with him on my May 2005 Queer Music Heritage show. And, still plugging past shows, I did one last November on the music inspired by the It Gets Better Project, and I wish I would have known about this track. It's a cover version of the Patty Griffin song "Tony," and is from a youtube video including a whole bunch of artists I like, who were in Tucson for Pride last October. Led by Eric Himan, they included Namoli Brennet, Coyote Grace, Aiden James, Tom Goss, Liz Stahler and Brianna Lane, but then, you'll hear them introduce themselves.

Below, click to see the video

Eric Himan & Friends - Tony (2010)
Eric Himan - The Man in Love With You (2011)

And that was another cover by Eric Himan, doing the George Strait song "The Man in Love With You." Last month I was delighted to play an advance single from the new Catie Curtis album. The song is called "I Do" and I love it. Well, now I've got the entire CD and want to play it again, but this time I'm wrapping two more songs from the album around it. First is the title track, "Stretch Limousine on Fire," and after "I Do" you'll hear "Wedding Band."

Catie Curtis - Stretch Limousine on Fire (2011)
Catie Curtis - I Do (2011)
Catie Curtis - Wedding Band (2011)

Want some more wedding music? Well, from 2009, from a different genre, that of the way off-Broadway musical, come these next two tracks. They are so off-Broadway they are from Canada, and at least the kernel of the plot started with a true story, written by straight songwriter David Hein, about his own family. You'll hear the title track, "My Mother's Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding," and then a track that, well, was not really intended to be a musical masterpiece, but it has its purpose. It's called "A Short History of Gay Marriage in Canada."

Soundtrack - My Mother's Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding - MMLJWW (2009)
Soundtrack - MMLJWW - A Short History of Gay Marriage in Canada (2009)

Here come two songs from a very different, and much more serious musical. In 2009 a cast recording was done to honor the 15th anniversary of the show "C'est La Guerre: Songs from the War on AIDS." The two tracks I picked are "New Soldier's Song" and the show's anthem, "Soldiers in the Sky."

Soundtrack - C'est La Guerre - New Soldier's Song (2009)
Soundtrack - C'est La Guerre - Soldiers in the Sky (2009)

This is JD Doyle, and you've just heard all but the last song from Part 1 of OutRadio for September. I'm picking up the beat to close this segment out, with the title track from the new album by Darren Hayes, "Talk Talk Talk."

Darren Hayes - Talk Talk Talk (2011)

Part 2 - 59:43
Steven B Andrews - We Belong (2011)

This is JD Doyle, and welcome back to Part 2 of OutRadio, and I want to thank Canadian artist Steven B Andrews for sending me his debut single, "We Belong." And I'm going to get into some hard rock territory next, with another debut artist, Steve Reeder. From his self-titled CD are the tracks "Right to Be" and one called "And You." And he will lead you into some songs by some women who can rock.

Steve Reeder - Right To Be (2010)
Steve Reeder - And You (2010)
Sick of Sarah - El Paso Blue (2010)
Scragfight - Judy (2011)
Scragfight - Dyke Liberty & the Fag (2011)

Following Steve Reeder was the band Sick of Sarah and from their CD called "2205" was "El Paso Blue." And following them was a band from Scotland, with very political lyrics. The call themselves Scragfight, and you heard "Judy" and "Dyke Liberty & the Fag." Okay, let's go in a different musical direction, with a soul artist I just found out about, though he's been making music for over 20 years. He's Earl Thomas and from his 2003 album "Soul'd" I picked the cover he did of a song I love by Etta James, called "I'd Rather Go Blind." By the way, she recorded a cover of one of his songs, so I guess that's fair. And then you'll hear him sing "Ain't No Man." That's from his 1994 album "Extra Soul."

Earl Thomas - I'd Rather Go Blind (2003)
Earl Thomas - Ain't No Man (1994)

I've got one more soulful song, and it's also a cover. I've played the original on my show before, as it was done in 1960 by the very out of the closet artist, Bobby Marchan. It was his biggest hit, "There Is Something on Your Mind." This time it's from the new album by Arnold McCuller called "Soon as I Get Paid." And McCuller is an artist you've heard thousands of times, that is, if you've ever heard these artists: James Taylor, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Luther Vandross, Bonnie Raitt, Linda Ronstadt, Bette Midler, Lionel Ritchie, and more. Arnold McCuller has been a very in-demand session singer for decades. And he's also released a number of solo albums. Arnold McCuller and "There Is Something on Your Mind."

Arnold McCuller - There Is Something on Your Mind (2011)

I'm changing directions again, to bring you a song by Casey Spooner, who some of you might know for his fine work with the band Fischerspooner. This time he's solo, with the track called "Faye Dunaway."

Casey Spooner - Faye Dunaway (2010)
Robby Reverb - When a Man Loves Another Man (2009)
VAG - Red Balloon (2011)

I know very little about the artist who followed Casey Spooner, only that he goes by Robby Reverb and I found that track, from 2009, on his internet site. He loves to record his own demos and has dozens on his site. Of course I grabbed one of the queerest ones. It was obviously called "When a Man Loves Another Man." And it seemed to go with the last song of that set, by an Irish band called VAG, which stands for Very Angry Girls. You heard the title track from their new EP "Red Balloon."

I'll be building the tempo for the rest of the show, starting with a duo from the UK named Atomizer, and from their 2010 album "Cult of Europa" is the song "Beauty Smashed Forever."

Atomizer - Beauty Smashed Forever (2010)
Bright Light Bright Light - Cry at Films (2011)

Also from the UK, that was an artist I very much like, Rod Thomas, who is calling himself Bright Light Bright Light. I played a couple tracks by him on my July show. This is JD Doyle for OutRadio and I'm closing things out with Brooklyn artist Bobby Blue and "All the Stars," and Chris Salvatore and "Broke Another Heart."

Bobby Blue - All the Stars (2009)
Chris Salvatore - Broke Another Heart (2010)

Below, the photography on his site is So sexy...

Part 3 - 59:43
Jake Walden - Even in Your Doubt (2011)
Jake Walden - Same Something Different (2011)

I love that artist. He's Jake Walden and I just got his new CD, called "Same Something Different." You just heard "Even in Your Doubt" and the title track. I knew I would love it, as his first CD, "Alive and Screaming," made my Best of the Year show for 2008, so I've been anxiously waiting ever since for the follow up. And this is JD Doyle bringing you the last hour of OutRadio for September. I've got a lot I want to pack into it, so I'll get quickly to the next artist. She's Melange Lavonne and the new song is called "We Can Go There."

Melange Lavonne - We Can Go There (2011)
Sir Ari - If I Steal Your Boyfriend (2011)
Candy Samples - Sweet Scandal (2011)
Kazaky - Love (2011)

That was an energetic set. I went from Melange Lavonne to Sir Ari, and a track from his new CD "Between the Spirit & the Flesh" called "If I Steal Your Boyfriend." Now, I've been playing his music for about ten years, but under the name Ari Gold, so this will take me some getting used to. He was given the title Sir by the Imperial Court of New York for his charity work. From Sir Ari I went to the new single by Candy Samples, called "Sweet Scandal," and from her I went all the way to the Ukraine, to a very sexy and very gay boy band named Kazaky. You may want to track down the video for their song "Love."

Up next, two by Derek Nicoletto, from his debut solo album, "Kind Ghosts." You'll hear the title track and one called "Hustler with a Rescue Plan." You may also know Derek from other bands he's led, such as "Telling on Trixie" and "Derek & the Darling."

Derek Nicoletto - Kind Ghosts (2011)
Derek Nicoletto - Hustler with a Rescue Plan (2011)
Derek Bishop - Counterfeit (2011)
Derek Bishop - The Last Word (2011)

And following Derek Nicoletto was another Derek, Derek Bishop, with his debut album "Resistance is Beautiful." I played "Counterfeit" and "The Last Word." And here's an Allison Tartalia triple play. Her new CD is under the name Allison's Invention, and I'm sharing with you "Clean" and the title track "Sweet & Vicious." And then I'm going back to her 2002 album "Ready" for the song "Absolutely Fabulous."

Allison's Invention - Clean (2011)
Allison's Invention - Sweet & Vicious (2011)
Allison Tartalia - Absolutely Fabulous (2002)

Up next are two very short songs by Robert German, called "Nerdy Boy" and "West Virginia Salt Bath Blues." And I'm following him with Mike Burns and the title track from his 2010 album "Courage Longing."

Robert German - Nerdy Boy / West Virginia Salt Bath Blues (2011)
Mike Burns - Courage Longing (2010)
Marcus Young - Write It On Your Heart (2011)

And that was Marcus Young and "Write It On Your Heart" from his new album "The Collection." This is JD Doyle closing down OutRadio for September with a French artist named Edmond, and his new single "I'll Be There."

Edmond - I'll Be There (2011)