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Mika - Celebrate (2012)
Gossip - Move in the Right Direction (2012)
Bright Light Bright Light - Disco Moment (2012)

And that was a very energetic start to OutRadio for September. This is JD Doyle and I don't usually begin with a triple play, but those three just got me in the mood for it. That was Mika and "Celebrate" from his upcoming album, and he just may be celebrating officially coming out, which he did last month…as if we didn't know. And then Beth Ditto and Gossip got us to "Move in the Right Direction," from their CD "A Joyful Noise." Closing that set was a UK artist I like a lot, Rob Thomas, though he's been releasing music under the name Bright Light Bright Light. He's put out a number of singles over the last year or so, and I've played most of them, and now they all appear on the full length album "Make Me Believe in Hope."

I'm going next to an Austin artist, Patrick Boothe, and a couple tracks from his latest EP "Good Morning/Good Evening." Here are "He's Fantastic" and "Is It Obvious."

Patrick Boothe - He's Fantastic / Is It Obvious (2012)
Matt Gold - Ordinary (2012)
Buzzcocks - Ever Fallen in Love (1978)

After Patrick Boothe was Matt Gold and his new single "Ordinary," followed by the Buzzcocks and their 1978 single "Ever Fallen in Love."

I met Ginger Doss at last year's Houston Women's Music Festival and she just sent me her latest CD, called "From Love to Love." I think it's excellent. From it are "Run Little One" and "Thankful."

Ginger Doss - Run Little One / Thankful (2012)
Holly Near - One Good Song (2012)
Suzanne Nuttall - I See Wild Horses (2012)

And following Ginger Doss you heard "One Good Song" by one of our music icons, Holly Near. She has a new double album called "Peace Becomes You." Closing the set was Sue Nuttall, who used to record under the name Sue de Nym. That was her latest single, "I See Wild Horses."

Another UK act up next, and they've gone under two different names. They first went by B.O.Y. and sometimes spelled that as b-period-o-period-y-period, and personally, that doesn't seem to be a good name if you want folks to easily google and find you. And now they have put words to the letters, and the name is now Battle of You. So, from 2011 by BOY is "Eyes Wide," and then from this year by Battle of You are the songs "Rebecca" and "To the Sea."

Boy - Eyes Wide (2011)
Battle of You - Rebecca / To the Sea (2012)
Ryan Adames - Way Out (2011)

And that last one was "Way Out" by L.A. artist Ryan Adames, from his EP from last year, "May Cause Blindness."

This is JD Doyle, and gee, this hour went fast, and I have a lot more to play, so check out additional segments for this show. I'm closing with a new single by Arro Verse. It's called "Marry Me."

Arro Verse - Marry Me (2012)

Garrison Starr - Superhero / Inside Out (2004)

This is JD Doyle with OutRadio, and that was Garrison Starr, and two tracks from her 2004 album "Airstreams & Satellites." You heard "Superhero" and a hidden track called "Inside Out." Next is a very out song from Sweden, by Jonas Oakland. He wants to know "Who's That Boy."

Jonas Oakland - Who's That Boy (2012)
Matt Ryanz - Angel (2012)
Johnny McGovern - #TOTDF (2012)
Kids on TV, featuring Diamond Rings & SNAX - Bobby (2012)

Nice set. After Jonas Oakland was New Yorker Matt Ryanz, who I've played quite a bit on past shows. This time you heard his single called "Angel." He was followed by the irrepressible Johnny McGovern, and "#TOTDF," "Texting on the Dance Floor." And then came the Toronto band Kids on TV. They've been together since 2003 and their latest single, called "Bobby" has a cool video and features a couple guest artists. First is Diamond Rings, who is actually a solo act, and also from Toronto, and another artist going by SNAX. Now, I know his real name is Paul Bonomo and about fifteen years ago he was in the queercore scene, under the band name of Fagbash. But he's in Berlin now, still making music.

Here's another Canadian cutie, Tyrell Witherspoon, and his single from early this year, "Glow."

Tyrell Witherspoon - Glow (2012)
Christopher Dallman - Subterranean (2012, Sir Paul remix)
John Flanagan - Stoplight (2012)
Mac Valentine - Be My Man (2012)

Following Tyrell Witherspoon in that set was Christopher Dallman, who I adore, and a remix done by Sir Paul of Christopher's song "Subterranean." Then an artist new to me, John Flanagan, gave us "Stoplight" from his CD "Pretty Lies." Finally, yes, it takes more than a dick to "Be My Man," by Mac Valentine.

This next artist just goes by the letters AG, and last month I played a track from her new EP of covers of early Beatles. Then I played her interesting take on "I Wanna Be Your Man," and this time you'll hear "I Saw Her Standing There."

AG - I Saw Her Standing There (2012)

I played Eli Lieb last March and just have to play him again. Not only do I think he's terrific but apparently lots of other folks do as well. I did a blog entry on him last January and it's one of ones with the most hits. So, from his latest CD is "Place of Paradise" and also I'm including a Lady Gaga cover by him, of "Edge of Glory."

Eli Lieb - Place of Paradise / Edge of Glory (2012)
LP - Wasted Love (2012)

That was an artist going just by the initials LP, which I think might be a disadvantage on google, but then she seems to be doing quite well. Her new EP is called "Live at EastWest Studios" and that track was called "Wasted Love."

Okay, this is JD Doyle and I'm closing down Part 2 of OutRadio for September.
Taking us out is a song you've heard before, that is, if you've had the TV on in the last year and have heard any Citibank commercials. And it's another track by the artist you just heard, LP. I got to see her do this one live on the Jimmy Kimmel show. It's called "Into the Wild."

LP - Into the Wild (2012)

Candy Samples - Bear Season (2012)

Welcome to Part 3 of OutRadio for September. This is JD Doyle and that was Candy Samples and her brand new single "Bear Season." Out of Australia Brett Every also has a brand new release, and I love it. It's called "Tales of Ten Men" and from it are the songs "Joey" and "What a Beautiful Day."

Brett Every - Joey / What a Beautiful Day (2012)
Jesse Tyler Ferguson - My Lifelong Love (2012)
Christopher Jackson - At This Turn in the Road (2012)
Tom D'Angora - Somewhere That's Pink (2005)


After Brett Every I played two tracks from I guess what you would call a composer album. That's where, in this case, Georgia Stitt, got together a bunch of her Broadway friends and they sang her songs on a CD. Her album and the first track was called "My Lifelong Love," and it was sung by Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who you no doubt know from the TV show "Modern Family." The second song was Christopher Jackson, doing "At This Turn in the Road." Then I went back to 2005 and a charming CD by Tom D'Angora called "The Pink Album," which captured his cabaret act, including the modified song "Somewhere That's Pink," from apparently "Little Shop of Pink Horrors."

Here's a couple short songs from the new release by Stephan Nance. The first one is called "The Song I Didn't Write" and the other is the very infectious "Cuddlefish." The album is called "A Troubled Piece of Fruit."

Stephan Nance - The Song I Didn't Write / Cuddlefish (2012)

Stephan Nance, and I just love his quirky style. And just in time for this show Lindsey Hinkle sent me her song from last year, called "Enough."

Lindsey Hinkle - Enough (2011)

I've become a fan lately of UK jazz artist Ian Shaw, and I'm bringing you a song from each of his last three albums. In 2009 was the CD "Somewhere Towards Love" on which he did the Noel Coward song "If Love Were All," and then I'll play an old favorite of mine, "Since I Fell for You," from his next album, "The Abbey Road Sessions."

Ian Shaw - If Love Were All / Since I Fell For You (2009, 2011)

As promised, I've got one more by Ian Shaw. When his manager sent me his brand new CD, called "A Ghost in Every Bar," he asked her to relay to me that the track I would likely like the most was "Ballad of the Sad Young Men." And he was so right.

I want to give some history of that song before you hear it. In 1959 there was a musical called "The Nervous Set," which had a short Broadway run. One of the female characters sings that song while sitting in a bar. While it's not specifically gay, many people in those days thought it was indeed about gay men. Again, it's the somber "The Ballad of the Sad Young Men," which became a cabaret standard, with noted cover versions by Anita O'Day, Roberta Flack, and Shirley Bassey. Incidentally, the musical was not its first recording, as Rod McKuen included it on an album the previous year. I think Ian Shaw's version is gorgeous.

Ian Shaw - The Ballad of the Sad Young Men (2012)

I met this next artist at SXSW in Austin last Spring and he told me about his upcoming CD, his first, and accordingly when it was ready he sent me a copy, and it's quite good. He's John McDonough and the album is called "It's All Been Said Before." When I heard it I thought immediately that it reminded me a lot of Harry Chapin, who in the 70's I liked quite a bit. I didn't know if I should mention that to John or not, as I know many artists do not like to be compared to anyone, but as he wanted to know what I thought, I did mention it, in an email, and he said to be compared to him is a great compliment. The very first album he ever bought, when he was 10 years old, was Harry Chapin's "Taxi." John McDonough and the song "Hollywood Hills."

John McDonough - Hollywood Hills (2012)
Marc McBarron Kessler - Messed Up Way (2011)
Chadwick Johnson - Everywhere You Are / I'm Gonna Live (2012)

That was Chadwick Johnson, and two very nice ballads from his new EP "Soul Rising." He's quite versatile and made my Best of the Year Show for 2011, but with a dance track. In the middle of that set was Marc McBarron Kessler, doing the very nice song "Messed Up Way." He's released no albums but you can hear several tracks on his website.

This is JD Doyle and closing the show is a rather flamboyant artist from the UK. From 2011 is Patrick Wolf and the song "House."

Patrick Wolf - House (2011)


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